This really felt good!


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I feel really good about how difficult child is doing. We had a good weekend with him. He was obviously tired on Sunday and there was some issue with his girlfriend. But he had a pleasant dinner with us and was not a jerk to us at all.

And then yesterday he posted this on FB. It made me really happy!

"Well, this is a belated life-update.
Had a great weekend with my parents and girlfriend.
The warmth they all provided me with is surpassed by nothing this universe can provide.
It felt pretty damn good to see family after 4 months of strictly digital contact.
4 months isn't all-that-long. There have been a couple times when we went much longer and survived.
But I'd rather not live that life anymore.

(then he tagged us and his girlfriend)

I love you all so much. Thank you."

I just have to keep reminding myself that even in the good times it is still one day at a time...

but for those of you feeling sad about your difficult children, or feeling guilty about the steps you have to take. If you have followed my story you know that we have had to let my son be homeless, he has been in jail, there were times when our relationship was not good at all. There were times when I felt pretty hopeless.... and yet today I am feeling hopeful, but working not to count on anything but just enjoy the moment.



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Aww TL that makes me so happy. It's obvious that he really wants contact and a relationship with you. I am really crossing all body parts that this continues and he truly doesn't want that old life anymore.

Tired Mom

I love this. Thanks for sharing. It is not hard for me to see jail or homelessness in my difficult child's future. I will need to remember stories like this if the day comes when I need to leave my difficult child homeless.

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TL, I remember all the crazy stuff you've been through. I'm so thrilled for you and your son. You both really deserve this peace and happiness. I wish I could express how happy I feel for you!