Those in the path of Hurricane Irma

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SomewhereOutThere, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Please be safe. Check in. I am so deveststed watchig first Harvey and now Irma with little i can do to help. Just my prayers that you all stay safe.
    Blessings to all in the path.
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  2. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    Our friends were going to fly to Fort Myers today to use our condo for the weekend. Well that got canceled!

    My son is in Margate on the other side of the state. He found out today he has storm windows in his sober living condo. It is also brand new and so far they have not evacuated but I do feel safe knowing he is being watched out for even though he is an adult at 22 (age wise he is anyway).

    Prayers to all of those that may be affected by this hurricane. I thought there was also another hurricane or tropical storm right on it's tail!
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  3. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    Thank u. Frankly, I'm not doing too well. We just moved. Our new home doesn't have shutters. Ugh!
  4. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    Nomad, I hope that you have been able to move to safety.
  5. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    We were supposed to fly to Orlando on Sunday... Nope. Nope. Nope. Going in October. I hope everyone nearby is well.
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  6. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I just posted in another thread that Irma is causing problems here in North Georgia. We are getting a lot of rain and gusts of winds. We lost our power about thirty minutes ago.
  7. Littleboylost

    Littleboylost On the road unwanted to travel

    Stay safe and dry!
  8. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    We still don't have power and four huge trees came down in our backyard. One 70 foot tree fell across the yard and all the way onto our deck and stopped with the branches lying against our kitchen windows. Luckily there was no damage to the house. It did take down a section of the fence.
  9. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    Kathy: Thankfully you guys made it out okay. You really dodged a bullet on that one. No power is truly awful though.
  10. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    Kathy...Wow... we are in Fla and your damage is almost exactly the same as mine. your post sounds like I wrote it. I thought it would slow done a lot by the time it reached your area. We have a generator for water heater, frig and microwave. After being in dozens of hurricanes , we decided to get one. But luckily the power just got back on.the power companies were super prepared. Fingers crossed your power is restored pronto! It is the pits and just adds to the drama. Fingers crossed.
  11. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Our power came back on Wednesday morning. I literally did a happy dance. We are getting estimates for clearing out the downed trees. School was out for three days but they went back today. There are still some people without power in north Georgia.

    Nomad, ironically, I had invited my brother and his wife who live in Orlando to come up and stay with us. They decided to ride it out and ended up getting their power back before we did. Maybe we should have gone to stay with them instead.
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  12. pigless in VA

    pigless in VA Well-Known Member

    Glad you guys are all safe.
  13. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member