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Everything is quite. My sister called me yesterday and didn’t even bring up my son. She did talk about all she was going to do for her grandchildren. She was talking about setting up collage funds for them. I felt like she was poking at me about my son’s children. I know, projecting and even if she was, it’s none of my business what she thinks. With all the family dysfunction I tend to read between the lines, and think evil thoughts. I didn’t allow anything to fall out of my mouth though.

I checked my son’s face book (again, none of my business) and he was talking about family which includes his cats and how people should help family if they have the means. My thoughts were how able bodied people that will not work wait until their rent is due and call people that haven’t missed a day of work for 35 years be angry when not provided a cash hand out? I do have the cash because I work. Of course, it’s hard to work if you use meth. Yeah, the motel is expensive but he didn’t pay the rent on the apartment when I stopped so he had to move out. The one cat I told you not to get turned into 15 cats, down to 5 cats, because you can’t afford a vet much less take care of your 4 year old child. He won’t listen to me about a cat much less the important stuff like don’t do meth, get a job, set an example for your child! I feel angry and disappointed today. Just waiting for the next round of drama to start up. I think I will write a gratitude list....