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    inhale, exhale

    Friday son and girl showed up at house, Husband said not to move far from door, He was still argumentative and mad, said they had to leave her toxic home for a bit.

    I asked what he wanted, got angry, said he didn't want anything. I said what are you really doing here, u drove 10 miles and have no gas?

    He finally got irritated and stormed out. I spoke to girl, she said he only had three medications left. I asked if they had food, she cried, said dad hit the mom and father was asked to leave, our son spent all his money paying their utility bills, they use the food bank. HE CHOSE THIS WHEN HE WENT BACK TO THE NEEDLE. Poor girl, soooo

    As a person I got gas in the car, they refilled his medications and got one pack of cigs. I asked her if I could send her with a bag of food.

    I encouraged job hunting a bit harder and let me know when they had one. His bank acct is beyond empty. A few days a later said he had leads that were interested in him.

    Nothing since, well I know he's not using, no money she is a co defendant keeping him safe I guess. This won't end well.

    My feelings of anger, hate ( I know that's wrong) and no grace is off the charts.

    I have some medical tests this week, and am enjoying nurturing our twins who are delightful. They feel he will go to jail or die.

    Husband is scary detached.

    It all sucks
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    Mof, I am sorry. This brought back the days when my daughter was so skinny with black rings around her eyes...i was sure she would end up in prison or die. She didnt use needles which may have made it easier when she wanted to quit...who knows? Meth and cocaine are never safe, even snorted. She looked like hell. I didnt sleep well those days. I cried a lot. After she left I felt guilty.

    You are being human. Your feelings are normal. Your son could turn it around. Addicts quit for good every day.

    Be good to yourself today. You deserve a calm day to nurture yourself. Sending prayers to you and your son.
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    It kills me how they screw up and then THEY are mad!! They are playing some crazy head games, that's for sure!

    Feel the emotions you need to feel as much as you need to feel them! There is no right or wrong way to feel when you're living with this.

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  4. mof

    mof Momdidntsignupforthis

    I thank you for your words
  5. Littleboylost

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    I agree. This forum has taught me that I am ok, it's not me and I am ok to feel the way I feel. When my son was on the streets and couch surfing for 2 weeks before he agreed to rehab. My therapist asked me how I felt and I cried because my first response was relieved that I had some peace and quiet at home. I felt so guilty but it was true. I deserve peace and quiet and so do you and tour other children. Being angry is normal. Be good to yourself and you did an awesome Job loving and supporting him while not enabling him. Great and tough job on your part