Update: A day later, a day better

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    Just for anyone who read my posts when I was so head stunningly shocked by my sister's latest.

    I am calm today. I decided that if I would not accept certain behavior from a friend, I will not accept it from anyone. If anyone else had called the cops on me numerous times over a phone call or email, I would have ended all contact.

    Today I know I have to keep this addiction to sister at bay. One "hello" could undo me. It is so hard to think of never talking again, so it has to be addiction as it always ends badly, often with me being demeaned. It's like the alcoholic who has one sip then wakes up to find he had passed out from something bad for him.

    But tonight I am cuddling with husband and know I can do it.

    That's about it. I did get to leave work early tonight which was a big great surprise to me and am enjoying a lazy night at home.

    Thanks again to all. I will try not to bring this up again.