Update for my "home team"...offer #8 was signed by easy child/difficult child this afternoon!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    I can't even describe how blankin' tired I am of this house hunt. House #7 went down the tubes on Thursday. Friday easy child/difficult child and girlfriend found an affordable house in the next City away from us. Tell the truth I don't even care what City :faint:he lives in....I JUST want him to own a home so I'll be free to focus on me. Yeah, It's sad but true. The City is only fifteen minutes away. It is where his girlfriend grew up, where "ain't" IS in the dictionary AND where her three kids live with her parents. Yeppers...she hopes to have her kids join them at "their" new home. I don't think her parents are going to hand over the kids. I know that as long as I'm alive the house will be in easy child/difficult child's name only. girlfriend has backed off from asking for a wedding (which would ruin his disability income) to "I just want an engagement ring for two or three years". WTH?????? Yeah, right.

    Meanwhile on a less "itchy note, lol, the house is almost as old as I am but it's CBS sturdy. It has a two car garage with separate remotes, a large fenced section in the backyard for their new dog, a new roof that was allegedly put on just a couple of years ago and lots of square footage for under forty grand. There were three offers submitted Friday. SIGH! Our Realtor called and said that all offers would be final as of 5 PM today, Saturday. I sent easy child/difficult child off to the Realtor's this afternoon with an oversized deposit check to go with the offer and an offer in excess of asking price. The Realtor said we should know Monday.

    How do you spell Hari Kari??????? If this doesn't work I'm going to be checking out Japanese books at the Library Monday. Cross a couple of fingers if you have time. Say prayers that the house is not full of termites, LOL. Yikes I need a break. Whine. Whine. Whine. DDD
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    Pretzling up!! And not a whine at all. You deserve to and have every reason to want to focus on you right now. I really hope for all kinds of reasons that this house works out. I'm also glad the girlfriend gave up the wedding bid.
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    Pretzeled bead rattling and good thoughts are coming your way. I hope this one ends well.
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    You have my prayers and support for this to work out, once and for all!
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    Oh please please please let this be the one!
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    Wow, you've really been through the wringer with this. I am sending good vibes that this house finally works out for you AND him.
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    I have everything crossed. You deserve to have the rest of your days "ME" days if that is what you want! -RM
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    I'm joining in with good thoughts. Keeping everything I have crossed for you and easy child/difficult child.

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    Joining in the Pretzel Dance! Please, please, please let this deal go through!!!!

    Sending lots of good thoughts and hugs your way, my friend!
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    Lots of hope and prayers for you and difficult child & the house!!!
  11. Nancy

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    I really hope this one goes through. It sure has been frustrating for you. I'm sending good thoughts.
  12. susiestar

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    Hoping and praying and pretzeling and dancing for the offer to be accepted!

    It is time for your focus to be YOU, in my opinion. As for the girlfriend, I hope she and easy child/difficult child can truly comprehend what a marriage will cost them. Is it possiblefor you to sit down iwth her parents and the lovebirds to get through to them? If that isn't a good idea, maybe you need to play the what if game with yourselfand husband to figure out exactly what you will be able to do and more important what you will be WILLING to do if they choose to marry and he loses hsi disability? Also what you will and won't do if/when her children come to live with them. I pray that her parents will not easily turn over custody, but if they do it could get bad really fast.

    You don't have to tell the lovebrds what you will and won't do if/when any of this happens. I am just thinking that it might help your peace of mind if you spell out what you are and are not wiling to do if the lovebirds make these choices. If girlfriend can have children, you should think about what you will and won't be willing to do in that situation also. As you make plans, remember that you owe YOURSELF some time to just be you and enoy yourself and time with husband. There comes a time when our duty to ourselves is, or should be, as strong or stronger than our duty to care for our children when they are young.
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    Will be looking for word today on the house.
    Another here so tired for you...gosh what alot of looking, contracting, waiting ya'll have done! This house hunt thing just sounds so exhausting. The most time I ever spent was 3 or 4 days looking at dozens of homes. You all have looked and gotten your hopes up for SO MANY for MONTHS now...Geez!

    DDD...I really want for you to have some "me time" too. You so deserve it...you manage everything for everyone and are the ultimate caregiver for so many. Your "me time" is looooong overdue.

    Thinking of you all...and crossing fingers for "this one" to work out!
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    Realtor called this afternoon and updated us. No decision today. They have multiple offers. The "decidion" is suppose to be tomorrow. I'm holding my breath. Thank you all for your support. DDD
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    Put on the suspense music...
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    How frustrating!! I'm still praying for you!
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    End of Thread. Sniff! DDD
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