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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by catwoman, Feb 28, 2008.

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    difficult child seems to be doing ok. He's still working at the same job and going to school. We speak about once a month on the phone and his girlfriend keeps in touch with me via e-mail. I still wish he would go back on his medications but keep my opinions to myself. girlfriend wants them to get a place together but he wants to wait and go slowly on that. I though that was a good decision for him to have made. Then there is the typical difficult child behavior of nothing ever being his fault. His license was suspended until he completed his drug/alcohol class after his last DUI. It wouldn't be reinstated until the paperwork was sent to DMV that he had completed the class. It was never sent (of course, this was not difficult child's fault, "someone else" was supposed to do it.) So he's been driving on the revoked list to get back and forth to work. I can almost understand that, but then he gets pulled over for speeding. If you're driving illegally, why would you speed? So of course, this is also not his fault and he's going to fight the speeding ticket. What a relief to know I don't have to be involved in this. I was able to say "Hmmm, that's too bad, I hope it all works out for you." The fact that I live in another state makes it easier to distance myself from his "stuff" too.
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    I had to laugh about your difficult child speeding when his license has been revoked. OMG, that's so much like my Rob......who kept getting stopped so often that he hasn't had a DL in 3 years. sheesh. The sheer arrogance of their skewed thinking is mind boggling.

    :bravo: to you for how you are holding up. I'm proud of you!

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    We hear a lot of that kind of thinking, too. Only at our house, the someone else whose fault all this is usually turns out, on some level from way back when, to be us.

    Go figure!

    I am glad there is contact between you and that so far, difficult child is doing better.

    Small steps forward are still steps forward.

    Thanks for the update! :)

  4. Nomad

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    I agree, living in another state must make it easier for you to cope. Doesn't he know that usually one can get permission to drive to work and back even with such an offense? Was this an option for him? I'm glad that you stayed out of it. It is interesting that he can stay at the same job and go to school...but still have the typical difficult child behavior we all have observed. He's going to fight the speeding ticket????? This should be interesting. We have noted lately, that our difficult child rarely says things like "It is not my fault" and NEVER blames us. However, learning...well...that's anther story. Well, like Barbara said...there are the steps forward and the ones backward.