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    Son got his first referral in 4 months today. Our IEP is scheduled for 12 noon. The referral was for using foul language and threatening to beat up another student. He has been having problems with this kid for about a week now. The kid is just pushing his buttons and I guess he pushed the final button this morning.

    This IEP is to get him into regular ed for next year. GOD why did he have to do this today!!! The warden said she doesn't recommend him getting out. I ask if that is the final say. She said no, I can still take him out but they will write down that it is against there recommendations.

    I told her regular ed kids get referrals. She said we can't compare him to regular ed kids. *** is he an alien?? I am so frustrated. I talked with a guidance counselor there at the school that has known my son since 3rd grade and she still believes like I do that my son needs to be out and can do this. But what happens next year if he sneezes the wrong way or lets a cuss word slip and is overheard??

    He will be held to a higher standard than most because of being in self contained. Aughhhhhh that ticks me off. So you have a kid that has a little difficulty already and your going to hold him to higher standards than all the other kids.

    I don't want to jump to conclusions and we will have to see what happens next year. I thought about him changing schools if need be. If he ends up back in there it will be on his shoulders and mine as well.

    I am a nervous person anyway and I am so dreading this meeting. His dad is working out of town this week, I so wish he was here to go with me. I know I can do this. May throw up afterwards.

    I am going to stand my ground. I love my son I want him out of those classes and according to him that is what he wants to. He will make me look like a first class fool if he ends up back in there next year but oh well.... I have looked worse.

    Asking for prayers and good vibes going in. I will let you know what happens.

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    If your son has behavior problems at school, his IEP should include a behavior management plan. Does it? If not, see info in the Sp Ed Archives on Functional Behavioral Assessments.

    Sorry, I'm unclear about "warden?" Is difficult child in a public school?

    If you refuse an IEP, difficult child will have no protections.
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    I echo Sheila...DO NOT remove this child from Sp Ed. He needs all the protection the law affords against suspension and expulsion, which is a lot if you know how to do it.

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    He will still be considered ESE. He is not going into regular Ed. He will be going into what is called VE classes. Smaller student to teacher ratio but he will be allowed to change classes, have a locker etc...

    Sorry about the warden comment, yes he is in public school I just call her that because that is what she reminds me of. There is no gray area with her. It's black and white - these are the rules period. She is like the principal of the ESE classes - if that makes any since.

    So if he goes into the VE classes he will not have IEP's? He has to have IEP's to be protected? I want him treated the same as regular ed kids. If he screws up and gets in trouble than he needs to be dealt with the SAME not more severly than any other kid.
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    Let me ask that question differently - In order to be under an IEP does he have to stay in self contained?
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    No, he can have an IEP and be in all regular ed classes. It sounds like you are moving him from a full self-contained classroom to a more mixed environment. He can do that and keep his IEP. I would definitely review the student handbook to ensure that you know what the regular rules are and the regular consequences.

    Good Luck,
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    JJJ is correct. Special education is a SERVICE, not a PLACE....and the IEP should be delivered in the least restrictive environment in which the IEP can be implemented. "Administrative segregation" is illegal.
    My ex-difficult child never set foot in a special class but I got a LOT out of the SD when he was in 7th and 8th grades.

    I agree you should check the "regular" discipline policies and it should be noted in his IEP if he is likely to be unable to follow the rules due to his disability.