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    I cant tell many details but Jamie has a friend and her son recently got into some trouble with the law. This boy is a teen and bipolar. I cant go into what he did but lets just say that its bad and the mom is really upset.

    Jamie is very concerned about his friend and went way out of his way to open up to her and tell her all about his life, our life and how she isnt alone, she isnt a horrible mom and things like mental illness happen to the best of people. He told her all about how he has ADHD, his brother is bipolar, his mom is bipolar and how he knows just how she feels. He gave me her number and told her that I would talk to her. He told her that I am the smartest person he knows about all this stuff!

    I am so impressed with him being willing to tell people about things like mental illness and not being ashamed. I raised him right!

    This obviously makes him a really good officer!!!
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    Wow Janet ! To show such empathy and compassion to someone who is suffering is a wonderful quality ! I am sure you are beaming with pride ! I only hope to brag one day myself ! Enjoy your weekend ! :D
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    You should brag, that is wonderful! What a great kid.
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    That's my BIG BEAR!!!!! Way To Go Jammer!
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    It's always great when our kids step up to the plate in ways like this! Way to go!