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    Like most of you, Marg and I have friends in other parts of the world. We exchange cards at Christmas and send real letters to each other.

    One of our CD friends address was not in our address book so I was updating it this morning (it's 9am on Sunday here in Sydney). The address book programme on our computer has a feature which allows us to access the Google Maps reference for an address you've entered, which is what I did.

    Then I noticed the Get Directions box in the top left corner. I put our address in as the start point and clicked the button...

    I got the directions and they were a scream!

    The usual Head North to Malibu Street take the second left, etc as the directions guided me on a road trip through Australia to the north coast at Darwin where I was told to Turn left to stay on Myilly Terrace for 300 metres (330 yards). The next step was to Kayak across the Pacific Ocean for 5404 km (3358 miles) with a note that I was entering Japan.

    Another road trip through Japan (the instructions are in Japanese - bit hard) and back in the kayak to travel 6243 km (3879 miles) to Hawaii again with a note that I was entering the USA. We don't spend much time in Hawaii only traveling about 70 km (43 miles) before we go back in the kayak for another paddle. Only 4436 km (2756 miles) this time before we land in Washington (the state I guess). Back on the road we travel across the northern states to Indiana.

    Put the coffee on. Google figure the trip will take us 55 days 23 hours but I reckon we could be a bit slower than that. Still, we should be there in time for the 4th of July if we get going now.

    Oh, I've just checked the walking route it's a bit shorter, only 24969 km (15,515 miles) instead of 25,168 km (15,639 miles). I don't think we will walk because Marg has a bit of trouble with her hips.

    Marg's Man
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    I've seen a few funny sets of directions on Mapquest as well. One of them included swimming across Lake Michigan if the ferry wasn't running.
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    Once you've hit Washington, just head south to Central CA. I'd be delighted to see you!

    What great directions! Too funny!
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    I've seen swimming the Atlantic once, too. Someone at Google certainly has a sense of humor!!!
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    I suspect those directions may lead you to my house so I'll have a comfy bed and a hot bath waiting. I'm sure you'll need quite the nap after your arrival and your arms will probably be very sore from all that kayaking.

    Let's see......55 days....that will put it close to mid March. You've got a 50/50 chance of decent weather. That time of year it's a toss up. You could have relatively nice weather or a blizzard. I'll be watching for you. LOL
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    That was so funny!