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    The school called last week and told me that they had presents for Kayla and Alex. This is OUR school, which the grands don't even attend anymore because they're at the dayton shelter now. But even knowing that, they knew that we the grandparents were here and that they'd likely been spending the holiday with us, so they bought them gifts anyway, then contacted me.

    That just blew me away.

    But that wasn't all.

    The principal from down here contacted Katie at the shelter up there (he'd contacted Nichole for the number as she was also an emergency contact listed on the kids school records) He told her they had bikes for the kids for xmas if she had someone (meaning us) who could come pick them up today.

    This was arranged via me and Nichole...........Nichole knows the man who organized the bike giveaway and talked to him about putting kayla and alex on the list and explained the situation. When she talked to him he wasn't sure he could give them the bikes as they already have so many children in town who won't be having a xmas and technically they aren't living here anymore, but he would do his best. We'd asked knowing it never hurts to ask, but honestly we expected and told them to put the kids here in town first as the grands won't actually be able to play with them until they get a place to live and lord only knows how long that will take.

    Well he came through in a big way. And now santa is bringing Kayla bike and Alex a scooter, not new but other than a box you'd never know it.

    I was so worried about providing them a halfway decent xmas with husband not working either............. And be darned it's turned out it will be the biggest xmas of their lives!

    It was so cute when we went to pick them up this morning. A little boy maybe about Alex's age wanted to help us take them to the car. We didn't need help but we let him because he was so eager. As we're loading them into the SUV the boy is telling me ideas on how to hide them and how surprised the kids will be to see on xmas morning that santa did not forget them this year. It was so darn sweet and cute. And his little face just SHINED!

    And yeah I'm a sentimental slob and I have tears running down my face making it hard to see to type this. But THIS is why I love xmas so much. Nothing else can bring out the very best in people the way that this holiday can.

    Because husband saw the way this little boy's face shined, when we came home he told me that next year he wants us to do these groups that help give xmas to these children who won't have one.

    Yup. Christmas will forever be my favorite holiday.:santa:
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    I was already sentimental this morning, a bit weepy feeling with some emotional stuff going on personally today. Then I read this post and combined with my mood and the beautiful carol playing at my house right now, well what a infusion of feelings I'm having.

    I'm so thrilled for your grands. They may be in a shelter and going through a lot that kids shouldn't have to go through. But I bet come next weekend none of that is going to matter to them. Not only will they have presents they never imagined, but they have you all this year to show them the true meaning of Christmas. They have more love in their lives this season and I am absolutely proud of you as a grandma. I can sense how moved you are with the generosity of spirit from your community, but more so I can sense how much spreading love to those grands means to you this year. I understand the reason they are there this year isn't ideal and I know you worry and with good reason. Yet something speaks to me in all of this that you and those kids are going through, and it leaves me sensing this is all happening for a reason. You'll likely never know just the huge impact you are making being day to day in the kids lives right now.

    Enjoy your family being together this year. The circumstances aside, it is a true gift of the most meaningful kind. I could not be happier for you and your entire family. I hope you can post some pics of the grands after the holidays are over. I know their eyes will be sparkling!
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    Lisa...your post brought back a memory. You said that the bike and scooter arent new but you couldnt tell it.

    One Xmas when the boys were probably in their mid-elementary school years we simply couldnt afford to get three new bikes for the boys. Our budget wouldnt stretch that far to do that plus other presents. So Tony and I went to basically a bike junkyard and got the frames. We painted them in really cool designs for each kid that were unique to each boy. We got new tires. Tony was really good at fixing bikes because he never had a new bike in his life. Those bikes looked so cool and like they were custom made. The boys loved them. That is actually the second best Xmas in their lives. The first is the year they got the go cart...lol.

    They have actually received new bikes but those homemade bikes were their best ones.
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    Hound Dog. This is truly the true meaning of Christmas. I wish I could be there to see them open their presents. You are a blessing to all of them.

    My favorite and most meaningful presents are from my students. I love every potholder, homemade card, candy bar and trinket that they deem me worthy of. Those gifts make my Christmas so very special. I cherish every one of them.
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    That's just wonderful that the kids will be getting all those gifts! I doubt if they will care at all that they aren't new.

    The first two-wheel bike my daughter ever had, the one she loved the most, was one that came from her older cousins. My brother's two oldest boys had gotten identical new bikes a few years before but had already outgrown them. So he scavenged the best parts from both of them, put them together, and made one whole bike for Allison out of them. She loved that bike so much! She loved it even more than the brand new one she got a few years later. And it didn't bother her one little bit that it was a boy's bike.
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    That's so wonderful Lisa! We're expecting a visit from "Santa" from a local charity here, too. They send someone dressed as Santa and he and his "helpers" deliver presents tomorrow. I think they're covering 800 kids across 2 counties and part of a third. They have a ton of volunteers working late tonight to wrap all those gifts before then, and local places feeding the volunteers. There's something to be said for small towns (not all of them, obviously, but it's wonderful to know there's some good ones still around!)
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    Thanks for the nice reminder of what Christmas really is all about!
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    That's wonderful! Wish I could see their faces when they see all that Santa brought!