What a day!

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    My name was supposed have been sent to the guard to let me on the property. It hadn't gotten to the guard yet so I had to turn around, call boss on cell phone, tell him I need an escort onto property. OK, I try again once he and another rep are ready. Ohhhh....duh....they were supposed to ride in my car, too, and be a personal escort until I get a badge and decal. My car was a disaster- I had unpacked most out of it but not all and it was filthy inside. I just got the keys to a place to live late yesterday morning and spent several hours after that trying to get utilities lined up. I wasn't going to clean the car until after getting the stuff from the hotel and the rest of the stuff in the car into the house. I was so embarressed- the other rep went back, my boss escorted me and seemed impatient about having to go thru this. I couldn't help that they wouldn't let me on the property.

    Then, he's walking VERY fast escorting me to several places and trying to get the process started for me to get a car decal and badge to wear so I can get to their wing of the building. I was in pumps and could barely keep up with him. He was drinking starbucks coffee the whole time and I was starting to become even more convinced that he's a little quirkish. On one hand he's nice but on the other hand, he seems ..well...something. Anyway, things started to go well for a while as I was checking in with another person there so that I could get a card to access the computer system and actually work. That takes a while to complete so this was just to start the process. While I was working with that man, boss was coming and going. Then they told me to go to this man's computer and start typing a new password for myself. Boss was standing over my shoulder and I got very nervous. I just don't know how to take him. I don't mean that I think he's doing or intending anything out of line at all- I mean sometimes he seems like everything is fine and the next he's making comments that make me think he has no patience, tolerance, etc, and thinks everyone else including me is stupid. When I feel that way and the person is standing over my shoulder I can't function. But yet I can't say I feel intimadated by him. I could relate pretty well to the other people there I've met. So I just said "I can't type it in right now- I'm really nervous". The other guy said it was ok, he'd do it, and he was very nice. My boss just left and said he'd be back.

    So after that was done and we were walking around, he told me there was no reason to be nervous. I know but I told him it was just me and I'd get over it. It was the way I said it, I think, but he looked at me after I said that and I think he took it completely wrong. I think he thought I was saying I was nervous just because HE was near me and that I had some personal thoughts toward him. (I can assure you I don't.)

    So I leave then to meet cable/communications guy at house and I was going to go back and meet up with boss at work at a certain time. I figured I'd asked if he AND his wife wanted to come over and see my place since they helped me look over the weekend. I thought maybe that would be a subtle way to let him know I wasn't thinking anything personal- and give me an opportunity to mention that I have essential tremors, when I'm stressed they get worse. Sorry- but once I'm comfortable working with someone, it doesn't bother me for them to stand over my shoulder. It just takes a little adjustment period.

    Cable guy was running behind, I call boss to tell him I couldn't meet back at scheduled time but would come as soon as this guy is finished. He told me to come back and do what I could on my own because he'd be tied up the rest of the day. I asked how much I'd be able to do regarding further checkin. He said I needed to bring car title, registration, inspection paper, and proof of insurance to get car decal. WHAT? You thunk he could have mentioned that before 1/2 hour before I need to have them handy given that I've just moved from a different area? OMG- I have some boxes in a hotel, one left in car, three at house, and several in a storage unit out of town. There is some paperwork in all of them. I have NO idea how I got this lucky, but I found them within 20 mins- every single thing he said I needed! See...I can't tell if he handled it this way because it gave me time/excuse to get some boxes unpacked and he wasn't really worried about me being there all day or if he's a jerk that really expected me to jump trying to find this stuff on such short notice. Obviously, if he'd told me to bring this stuff with me the first day of work I could have already had it handy.

    Anyway, I took it to the security office and that got me a temp pass- I have to wait until I get something else before they give me the detail. I went to three other offices and none of them could help me- they kept saying boss or somebody needed to send some more info. I left at that point (it was late afternoon). I figure I'll go in early in the morning and then I noticed that the badge they gave me appears to be for the wrong wing. So before I walk that marathon again, I'm going straight to security office in the morning to make sure they know which area I need to get to.

    Oh- I got all utilities lined up yesterday except water. I called them while waiting on cable guy. Can you believe they want a deposit of almost 200 upfront? I have never heard of a water company asking for that much upfront just to transfer the service to my name from owner's- and they didn't ask where I used to live or anything so this couldn't have anything to do with credit- they said everyone has to do it. I guess that will be the struggle tomorrow- seeing if I can get off work early enough to get there or if I have time at lunch.

    My feet hurt really bad. Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks for reading- if you made it. LOL!
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    Sounds pretty normal for bases and the water deposit is actually lower than it is here. Our water deposit is 350 no matter what. I asked them if they were running liquid gold through the pipes! And that is without sewer or trash pick up. I had to sink a septic tank. Oh...and lay water lines from the main road over 900 feet back to my house!
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    Fingers crossed that each day gets easier. by the way, the water deposit is the same in our little City....and it ain't liquid gold!
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    LOL, DDD!

    Today was much better. It seems my work area might not be right under the boss's nose after all. That would just be too uncomfortable for me- especially since I feel so much pressure to make this job work and am just getting to know his personality. I'm used to working independently and having my own space so it would be a MAJOR change to feel like my boss was sitting over my shoulder all the time.

    The contract ends in one year and it might not get extended. I'm going to be working on building relationships with other people there to try to get good recommendations lined up for next year. Then I can reapply for a job similar to what I was trying to get last year and will have a much better chance. Everyone else seems to be pretty easy to talk to and I'm just keeping my antennae up re. boss to try and learn his characteristics better.

    I paid the water deposit today. I don't recall paying one like that in the area I just moved from but I sure hope I did and they send me a refund! I've got to just hang on until the first paycheck now. Shewww....

    I can't believe I only interviewed with this company 2 weeks ago. difficult child was allowed to call last night. I'll go see him this weekend and pick a load up from the storage bin. He was transferred yesterday. I mentioned something about us both starting our lives over on the same day and that it was hard. He interrupted me and told me to hang in there, it can be done. Now, if he'll just make effort to turn his around....

    My next challenge will be figuring out who I can call on to house sit and pet sit while traveling. And getting the company to pay expenses upfront- not food or gas, but plane tickets and hotel fees. There's no way I can get a CC right now with that kind of limit. And I need to make sure they pay on time.
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    Next time boss acts or behaves like that? Just turn to him and say "Well i guess you had better give ME the addres of that barrista you get your Starbucks from because that witch makes a slammin cup of brew.....MAN I sure hope I can keep up with YOU."

    I wouldn't ever tell any man he makes me nervous. He's a twit. Get yourself acouple expressos and you'll be fine. :coffee::highvoltage:
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    LOL! We didn't see each other too much today- just 2-3 times off and on because I was still checking in with all different people. He looked like he just rolled out of bed 1st thing this am. (I take it that's why he has a starbucks habit all morning.) I got there before him and the others in "our area" were talking about him getting into a heated conversation with someone on the phone yesterday. But they thought both parties had valid points. So maybe he's just the type that expresses his opinion forcefully but the other person shouldn't take it personally if he smarts off with certain things. (This is the sort of thing I am trying to learn.)

    I made sure I didn't do anything that could be interpreted by any reasonable person as anything personal. I've decided he'll figure it out. I honestly didn't mean he made me nervous due to something like that- it was more the situation and just starting to work for him- it could have been a 70 year old man and I'd have felt the same way. I just didn't use the words that conveyed that very well yesterday. I'm not going to worry about it. I think he'll figure it out pretty quick if he did take it that way. And my nervousness will ease up as I feel more comfortable working again, I get used to the environment, etc.