Wild weekend!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by muttmeister, May 20, 2012.

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    I posted earlier that I was going to KC to celebrate with friends. We got there OK and had a good time BUT it seems I can never go away without problems developing.

    Problem #1: difficult child 1 called. His wife has moved in with her "boyfriend" and he is wanting to initiate divorce proceedings. They already had this problem in February and he gave her another chance but now she is gone again, with a different guy. I have been expecting this ever since she married him but there wasn't much I could do but wait. So I had a frantic phone call from him on Friday night. I suppose we will start to deal with lawyers, etc. this week.

    Problem #2: There was a bad storm while I was gone, on Saturday night. I noticed there were lots of trees down in the neighborhood when I came into town but I thought I only had a few branches. Then I looked at my garage. One side of it is leaning. difficult child 2 came and looked at it and it seems that several of the studs on that side are broken. It really isn't in danger of falling down (unless we have another big storm and the last one before this was in 1983 so I hope I am safe for a week or so) and difficult child says he can fix it but it is just one more thing.

    On top of that, the neighbor was taking care of my dogs and apparently he let them out on the chain for an extended period of time (which I never do) and one of them dug up about $30 worth of new plantings from this spring. I have been watching them closely whenever they go out to protect the plants but I guess it's too late now.

    And now I discover that I left my phone charger in KC.

    I had a good time but I don't know if it was worth all of the hassle or not.
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    Oh man, I don't know that I would EVER go on a trip again. It sounds like too much work. LOL
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    That blows. But then you can tell yourself that all those things would've happened had you stayed home too, and you'd not have had any fun.
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    Isn't it always a hoot, when you come home from the fun trip, are little tired, little run-down, just want to get back home, use your own restroom, have a cup of coffee and watch some telly and after that have a good night sleep. But nope, no chance, there are always pile of crisis waiting at home. Things broken, loved ones in crisis, dog puked onto your favourite rug etc. And you find yourself running from place to place and doing damage control. Blaah! :whoopdedoo:

    Please, do keep reminding yourself that from those things happening on your absence this time you probably could have prevented a dog ruining your plants (or maybe not, they can be very quick and sneaky at times, even the totally easy child canines) but other than that, nothing you could had done. At least you were saved from the miserable night watching, waiting and fretting what damage storm will do. There I live we don't have big storms that often, so we are not that storm proofed and at times it happens, that when it gets little bit more stormy than usual, you just notice that one of the trees on your garden may not be able stand this storm any more. You can move your cars so that it will not fall on them, but other than that, you can just wait, calculate the possible damages, curse yourself for not cutting a tree earlier and wait. Not fun at all!
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    Well Mutt, at least we now know why difficult child 1's wife was so tolerant of his girlfriend since she's had a couple of boyfriends. :919Mad: It sounds like it is definitely time for both of them to move on.

    Can you contact your homeowner's insurance about the garage?