With so many of our difficult children in crisis....

timer lady

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I wonder if it's spring "meltdown" season? What is it about the changes in season that sends our little wonders off the deep end?

Makes me want to get out the golf clubs & start swinging! :wink: :smile: :warrior:

Keep the faith - or at the very least, hang onto your sanity. :thumb:


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Kanga and Tigger are both starting to pull out of their long, dark winter. Course, now Eeyore feels the need to free-fall. Least Piglet is maintaining her easy child status.

hearts and roses

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Definitely. I can see that difficult child's got something going on but she's not talking. I am trying not to obsess on her, but it's hard not to watch and wait.


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It is either PMS or spring. I am hoping for the first one because then it will be over in a week. If it is the later - I am in big trouble! LOL!

timer lady

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Well, kt is coming out of her winter "doldrum" but now is the time of year for wm to flip out.

Tweedles....can't live with them - pass the beernuts! :hammer: :wink: :rofl:

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difficult child's psychiatrist just said yesterday this is a bad season and hopefully a turnaround will come soon!