Woo Hoo, finally got wrap around services.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Now lets hope they are helpful. Cody and I met with his caseworker (or whatever you call her) today. She did a fairly good job engaging him considering when his therapist told him about the wrap services he totally exploded. Not at her of course, but at me. Did not matter how many times she told him she referred him, he was still mad at me. He was playing his gameboy the entire time she was talking to him, but he did pause it some times. We have our first team meeting next Wednesday, and cw is taking him out before hand to a bowling alley/video arcade to do stuff to get to know him. She will pick him up here at the house and then meet us at county mental health. Lord knows we need the help, I sure hope it helps. It was sad, she was asking him about friends, and he said he did not have any and did not want any. They just betray him. Said his cousin is his only friend. And the sad part? He is right. It was really hard to hear him say that.

    She (cw) referred both kids to a mentor type program with kids who have a parent who is incarcarated. I filled out the papers today, and I am really hoping this will help easy child, as she is sure working on losing her easy child status. She has not been sleeping but won't take her trazodone, says it makes her sleep all day. I talked her into taking 1.5 tabs instead of 1 that does not work or 2 that makes her sleep too much. I sure hope it helps because she has been a total bear. I know it is due to all that has gone on with her dad, but it is still hard to deal with. I am going to either convince or drag her to a new therapist next week, whichever it takes. She is sure she is bipolar (I am sure she is not, zoloft helped and did not send her manic) and I am going to tell her that I cannot afford for her to see psychiatrist more often, I am not going to decide if she is BiPolar (BP) or not, so in order to figure it out she needs to see a therapist weekly and be completely honest. My therapist really thinks highly of the one she will be seeing, so I hope she is right. My therapist has not steered me wrong yet, so here's hoping. The one easy child will be seeing has been a therapist for 20 or 30 years, and worked for county mental health before going to my therapist's office. I have to try something, I can see stbx's (soon to be ex) actions impacting her in such a negative way. I don't want to lose my daughter, and she needs to learn that she cannot change or help her dad, he has to do that himself.
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    Good news on the wrap! keeping fingers crossed...

    Meanwhile - try playing with the TIMING of the medications, too - made a huge difference for us.
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    I really hope this helps. You guys have been through so much. Time for something good.
  4. gcvmom

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    That's all great news to hear. You are absolutely doing all the right things and all that you can to help those kids and heal your little family unit. You've definitely earned your stripes -- I think you need to change your screen name to Warriormama30!
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    Great to hear you got the extra services, hope they help. I agree with Insane, timing on medications can make a real difference, I know it does for us.
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    I hope the services help you all out.

    Such a tough thing for kids (anyone, really) to deal with. They're luck they've got such a great mom to help them work it through.
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    Thanks for all the encouragement. I don't feel very warrior like, most days anymore I feel defeated. This has just been so incredibly hard.

    I hope that the kids can get some help, and then maybe they will quit fighting 24 7 and I can get a break. The constant arguing and fighting is really getting to me.
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    Very good news. The caseworker got a good dose of him.
    So sorry about your daughter. That's a hard age, and she's going through rough times. Wish I had some advice.
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    Terry, I just hope that I can get her to go to the therapist appointment next week. It is not going to be easy , and I am going to have to build up just to get her there. I think that the angle of finding out if she is really BiPolar (BP) is what will get her there, at least I hope so.
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    So glad you got the services in place...hoping it will help! Hugs to you and the kids.
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    I would think so too. If SHE's convinced of it, SHE needs to do everything she can to get control of it so SHE stays in control of her life and the diagnosis becomes something she just has to 'work through'. Not necessarily the right time to put it up in her face, but her father is a prime example of what happens when the diagnosis (disease, not the label) takes control of a person's life.
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    Congrats on the wrap services. Services of that nature were the one thing that kept/keep kt & wm on task & working on their life skills & ability to be in the family setting.
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    Timer, I sure hope it is helpful, though honestly I am not sure who needs help more, easy child or difficult child. Maybe if he gets help it will help her too if it calms him own some.