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    I'll give the short story. had neighbors since the boys were small. Her middle boy, my youngests age. Those two did everything together. Sports, school, everything. They were 4 when they met. When they were 11 , mom comes home with divorce papers. Their dad had no clue. he was devasted and eventually lost his job and sold the house and moved away. Mary, she married a wealthy man within 3 months. That was in 2006. Mary (mom) was a school counsoler at two middle schools. She left the schools for private practice . He client that had court order for counsoling was assigned to her. He was a sex offender and had a recent drunk driving ticket.
    So..she used drugs, hipnosis and sex to lure him in. And she plotted how to murder her husband. I can't put every detail in here. But eventually that patient of hers went to the husband and told. Then an investigation started. Phone calls recorded, documents, everything. She even stated "There will be no money if he is alive. She was arrested on Monday and charged with so many counts it is unbelievable. She is in jail. Her picture is all over the news and papers and internet. She was my friend when the boys were small. what happened. Geeze now difficult child lost his best friend too. And we now know TWO murderers. Mary Hein and Mark Jensen. creepy that I know both of them. Hope the boys father comes and gets them out of this town. Kids are 13 , 16 and one in college. How awful. The details are remarkable. Terribly twisted.
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    Wow. Terribly twisted is right. And how odd that you end up knowing 2 people with murder accusations/convictions.

    I do hope her kids are getting tons of counselling!
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    OMG - I read that yesterday, by chance. My local news website had that link on it. Gives you the creeps, doesn't it?
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    And sad...