Yesterday's positive/blessing for the day......

timer lady

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Since I've fallen ill earlier this year my favorite therapeutic outlet had been on the fritz - playing my piano.

I've been practicing sporadically since my hospital discharge in August; working on the scales that I've forgotten - building the strength in my right hand. I've slowly relearned playing scales in various keys.

I spent hours over the last week playing a piece of music that I was to have played in a recital last month. Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago.

I sat down & played it all the way through last night & it didn't sound awful. In fact, husband told me that it sounded almost as good as it did before I became ill. (He may have just tried to make me feel good as my frustration level was at one point very high. I took the compliment & ran with it though.)

It was a lot of hard work & I was physically drained by the time I made it through this piece to my liking & with-o the level of frustration (due to some short term memory issues) that had shut me down so many times earlier.

I was so very happy! I've so missed playing piano & to think that I've played one piece all the way through & it's sounding good made my heart sing. :angel:


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I guess with all the problems today - the rain that stopped me hanging out clothes, the change in plans because my house-cleaning help is on holidays and I forgot - I guess my blessing for the day was - we had a quiet day and a restful one, after yesterday being so busy and having to go out tomorrow evening. Today ended up being a quiet oasis in a busy week.

Linda, I wish I could have heard you play. It IS satisfying, isn't it, to get back onto the piano even when your hands feel aching with fatigue afterwards. It's all worth it.



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It's so nice to have my accompanist back so I can dance again! Look at my happy feet go!

I'm smiling for you, Linda :smile:

Timer Lady,

If I listen really carefully I can hear the faint sounds of Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago played beautifully on a piano. Thanks for a lovely break in a hectic day . . .That's a blessing for me!