You've come a long way baby....Not

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Mar 23, 2011.

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    I was watching 9 to 5 the other night and there was a comment at the end about equal pay was going way too far. And I thought we've come a long way since then.......

    And then today, I got shown that NO, we haven't come a long way at all.

    Two years ago I worked a HUGE project at work. It was supposed to be a 5 person job and no one wanted to do it. So I did it basically alone. I had to have the warehouse guys move the heavy things around (don't have a forklift license). Anyways, it turns out that this job was a HUGE DEAL! All the bosses up the line to the very top got kudos for a job well done. And I got a minor thank you.

    And now the government guys got kudos too. So, my boss wanted to know who helped and what they did.... told him about the forklift moves. Well, now that men are involved with the project, we got a cash bonus.

    I'm grateful for the bonus, it helps pay the bills. But it totally hoovers that it took MEN being involved before a bonus happened.

    :soapbox: stepping off now. Thanks for letting me vent.
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    You know... I would mostly agree with you here.

    I say mostly, because we all know that there are networks. There's the affirmative-action network, there's the good-ol-boy network. There's the scratch-my-back and the look-the-other-way and the wink-wink network.

    I have no issues with equal pay for equal work. The problem is... In many cases, it's not equal work. In your case, it sounds to me like you did all the work - so you don't have a forklift license, one of the traits of the best workers is to find a solution. Which you did. Your thanks should have been much bigger. And your bonus, too. That's my opinion, though.

    The definition of a feminist is one who fights for the rights of women to be what they wish. So why is it that, because of all this, I cannot afford to be a stay at home mom like I wish?! Something went wrong there.

    :soapbox: I'm stepping down, now too. Before I get too far into it. in my opinion - KUDOS to YOU!!!
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    My boss doesn't help the situation any. He's so clueless about everything. I can be in the room with him when someone will come up to him and tell them that they are leaving for the day. An hour later, he comes to me looking for that person. And this is all the time!

    Today, someone called him to say they were sick and not coming in. An hour later, he's looking around to see who had called him. He only has 10 employees! The man has serious memory problems and really shouldn't be working any more. But all the big bosses are in Tenn. and don't know the problems nor do they care as long as the work is getting done out here.
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    I hear ya! But, I'm not going to get up on MY soapbox...

    Just share a funny story:

    About a year ago, husband got hired at a desk job for a particular company. And though the title was not "secretery"....he was replacing a woman who had basically done the job PLUS all the other "woman's job" stuff like handling all the boss's calls, the filing, making the coffee, running the errands, etc...

    So after husband started working there - the boss expected the service to continue as before. husband would come home completely frustrated and complain that he was trying to do his job, but then the boss would expect him to jump up and handle all these other little things that the boss could easily do himself.

    I would laugh and tell him "Yep! That's what it's like when you are the WOMAN in the office!"