2nd psychiatrist appointment. and medication change

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Well, I am not exactly sure how I feel about this appointment. I am not sure that my daughter actually did anything while she was back there. But, who knows. She was supposed to mention to the psychiatrist that she did not like how the Zoloft was making her feel. Did she? Nope. I had to at the very end of the appointment. when I was brought back.

    So, I was trying to explain what was going on with difficult child, and the muscle spasms, and psychiatrist tried to tell me it was from horse riding. Nuh uh lady. So, she decides that she wants to lower her bacl to 100mg. OK, but why when she was in such a depression with it. I FINALLY go her to admit it could and most likely is the Zoloft making her soo tired.

    So, the plan now is to titrate her down on the Zoloft, and begin taking Wellbutrin on the 19th. So a week at 100 and a week at 75. I will be honest, I am scared to death about this. She is finally beginning to crawl slowly out of the pit she is in, and may very well end right back up there when we move her down. But, I have high hopes for the Wellbutrin.

    Anybody have any good stories about the new medication?
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    My daughter did great on Wellbutrin. She takes it on and off when she feels like life is just getting too hairy to get herself out of bed. She's ADD, dysthymia, recovering meth addict. It took awhile to get the dosage right and she'll stay on it for a few months, then go off. And she's not even the difficult child that I'm on here about--I probably should have been, though ;-) I know that medication stuff can make a parent anxious...
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    Wellbutrin is the only AD I can actually take. I took it along with a MS years ago and it worked well for my depression but then a few other things happened such as a doctor giving me some steroids which sent me spiraling into a manic period and they had to switch me to lamictal so we Difficult Child'd the wellbutrin.
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    Thanks Janet and HMB. I am hoping this will be the right one for her. The Zoloft seems to be pulling her out of the depression, but she is walking around exhausted. (when she can actually get up.) She went from being my night owl, staying up until 1 or so, to needing 10 hours of sleep a night. And then still being wiped when she has to get up. The 19th can't come soon enough. I am not wishing the days away, but it does make me nervous for her to have to wean her down. I am hopeful though..
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    I take Wellbutrin and it has worked well for me. I hope your difficult child does better on the new medications.