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    This weekend I went to the Goodwill Store. In one of the bins was an American Flag still attached to a part of a pole. It was very tattered, and had been just left, with literally mounds of junk and stuff dumped over it all day or week. Several hundred people- free AMERICAN people and several Hispanics who shop there & sleep soundly at night have gone through this clearance store all week, yet there completely disgraced in a huge box was our disgraced flag. No ONE CARED. :(


    I pulled it out and asked one of the workers there if he would mind taking our flag and disposing of it properly. His comment was "Well I don't know what you want ME to do with it." Then that was it? I asked for the manager. He came to the bin and I asked him if I could please have the flag for free so I could take it home, fold it and properly destroy it. He said he couldn't do that. I was livid. I said "You mean to tell me that you have NO problem going to bed at night while our American Boys and Girls are over seas dying to keep our contry free, but you just leave our flag in a dumpster disgraced? Fine, HOW MUCH FOR THE DISGRACED FLAG SO I CAN TAKE IT HOME AND GIVE IT A PROPER CEREMONY?" With that two Vietnam veterans stepped up and said "Thats shameful man, I was over in Nam before you were probably born defending this country and that flag, she's right - how much?"

    With that the store manager came out and asked what was going on. By now there was a crowd, which I hadn't meant to draw, even the Hispanics were standing there. I said "This is our flag, and it was dumped in there like it has no meaning, every day I'm asked to over look a little less, be tolerant of a lot more - this isn't one of them. I asked if I could have this flag to give it a proper and honorable ceremony to destroy it since it has been disgraced. That's all." The store manager said "She's right, please take the flag." Then he handed me another. I thanked him and then said "If you come across any more, I'd be honored to take them for your store. He said he would look out for them. I also said that flags should not be just thrown in a bin and showed him how they should be displayed. He said he would take that into consideration but didn't know if Goodwill would allow it.

    So the next non-rain day we have? We will be properly folding and ceremoniously burning these two American flags. I'm telling you, I've had QUITE enough. If you don't stand for something - you'll fall for anything.

    Oh - and last night? We almost hit a dog crossing the highway.:surprise: It was a huge pit-bull. Three other people nearly hit him. We drove down the road, pulled into a store and he was almost across a field. DF saw him & I did one of those "concert" whistles and he came running across the field about 30 mph. I said "Oh Jesus help me." thinking - I'm either going to get mauled or licked. (also thinking - are you nuts Star? who whistles for a stray Pit Bull) - anyway - he comes running and I yelled in my deepest voice SIT....and he did. (phew) DF grabbed his collar and by some miracle he had a tag on - we called his Dad and they were reuinted about 30 minutes later. The guy freaked out was crying saying "No one likes PItbulls." we showed him pictures of our kids and he said "It's a Christmas Miracle" - we all just laughed and Tucker was very happy to be back with his Dad.

    -I AM JUST GLAD THAT I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER DOG TO FEED BECAUSE DF kept hinting - It sure would be nice it your Dad didn't show up....:surprise:
    -see? It's NOT just me....ha.

    All in all I'd say it was a good day. ;)
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    Oh Star, I did not know whether to laugh or cry after I read your story.

    I did get a visual of the pit bull charging up to you. Never seen you, but I still pictured the pit bull, scared and glad someone wanted him.
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    Star* call 911

    lol - I'm built like Zena princess (okay - I'm tall like her...) sigh...I'm built like refrigerator Perry anymore.

    The field was about as long as a football field and when Pits run - the stretch out. The first whistle was a bust - but he stopped and DF said "Do it again." because he heard me and stopped, bounced and looked right at me. DF walks with a cane and was coming up behind me, I was running towards the dog (duh) like I'd ever catch him - he was having loads of fun being freeeeeeeeee. But the second whistle? I'm was actually recorded live on a Scorpions album -lol. Anyway he came running full speed like a freight train and all I could think was - O.M.G. then - THINK BRICK WALL -and 'HE's GONNA EAT" too late by 2nd thought - he was there. They are so misunderstood. I just squared myself and put my arm out in front, then yelled sit and fortunately down he went. DF said he didn't look like he was charging for a meal. I said "well good, because he was a lousy tipper." :ashamed:
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    A very good day, indeed, Star. :D I feel like I just watched a Hallmark commercial. Sniff. Pass the tissues, please.
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    Star* call 911

    The only thing it was missing was a homeless man and a guy in a wheelchair - but I had NO idea who the 2 guys behind me were until I turned around and their ballcaps said VIETNAM vet. Just too cool. I thank anyone I see like that for their service. With WWII guys they smile. With Vietnam Vets it freaks em out a little, but they usually say "thanks." Living so near an Army base it's not too hard every day to thank a soldier. You just walk up and say "Thank you Maam/Sir for your service." the thing that kills ME? They usually say "Thank you, it's an honor to serve." - Gets me every time."
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    I'm sure those vets were very proud today. That was really great what you did. I'm sure Goodwill has a policy regarding flags; manager and his team need to find out.

    TG you didn't have ANOTHER stray!! You have a big heart, Star. I probably would have called animal control to come get the dog. They usually try to find the owner around here.
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    What an exciting and wonderful day!
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    If you check with your nearest National Guard or Reserve armory, they can either take in flags for proper disposal, or can refer you to a collection site.

    Local recruiting offices can usually refer you as well.
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    GN - Thank you for the flag information. We have always done our own disposal, and offered to do it for anyone that has no clue, but today I will let the GW know about that.

    I know that all dry cleaners here offered free cleaning of all American flags after the 9/11 incident and then like everything else - American pride, more flags flying in front of businesses and homes, seeing bumper stickers with our flag, a unified front, being extra kind to one another, that extra politeness, going the extra mile, helping each other out, filling the churches everything just fizzled out. It's like "What?" do we NEED another bad thing to happen to bring us all together again - where is your pride people? Where is YOUR gratitude for a soldier? How hard is it when you see a man wearing a ball cap that says WWII veteran or Vietnam vet or Iraq Vet to just walk up and say "Thanks for your service?" in a tone that means something? I'm thankful for what they do. I'm thankful I can sleep in a bed at night while they eat meals out of an MRE bag, and sleep in rain, inhaled sand and got shot at. Why is it so hard to say thanks?

    It's not that what I did was anything great. IT REALLY ISN'T. It NEEDED to be said. Too many people, I think any more are just passe~ about too many things and think "Oh well someone ELSE will take care of that." Just like our kids. THIS group, THIS board.....takes notice of things that aren't right about the things that go on with our kids' rights every day and we do something about it EVERY DAY. We stand up! We speak out. We fight, we make changes for what's right.

    There's little difference to me in speaking up for the people who went before us and fought so hard to make sure that we were free to DO those things and died for that flag and not so much for the cloth, but for the meaning and sacrifice behind it. If you look at it like that? It doesn't belong in a dumpster ignored and disgraced.

    To the people who were in there that looked the other way and threw junk on top of it? I hope they were ashamed of themselves when I spoke out. If they weren't? In my opinion they should have been. I hope maybe they left knowing that it's OKAY to be proud of YOUR heritage as an American - (which is now quite a blend) and everyone in there that was an illegal who has come here seeking a living and job despite how they got here? Should have understood what that raggedy cloth meant to THEM as well. It wasn't just MY flag.....they came here, they're's their flag now too. Yes, I was angry. Yes, I meant what I said....Yes I'll say it again.

    (off my soapbox) but.... Don't tread on me.....
    Proud to be an American & Patriot
    Proud to be able to be A CD Warrior Mom who makes a Difference :peaceful:
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    Hoo Rah Star!