Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!!! No bed after all

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rejectedmom, Jan 29, 2010.

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    difficult child called said he doesn't have a place to stay afterall I called the prison and talked to his caseworker. After a bit of sleuthing she and I found out that difficult child never really pursued housing thinking that if he got out and didn't have a place to live we would take pity on him and let him return home.:nonono:

    So it is off to a shelter for my son provided we can find one with vacancies. His caseworker asked me if his returning home was a possibility and when I said no she kindly said "That is all right. Most of our parents feel that way. They just reach a point where they are done." She then gave him a list of possibile shelters. She aslo called me back to say that she had talked to difficult child and that he understood that he would not be living with us and why.

    The shelters are all in the worst part of the city. This isn't good for difficult child but it is of his own making. Good thing I can't get at him right now. I would give him unholy heck if I saw him now:grrr:. -RM
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    No matter what bed he gets, at least he'll be aware he made it himself. Maybe this'll turn out to be a good thing, in the end. Did you tell him yourself why he can't come home? Or maybe he'd listen more seriously to someone not his parent. I know our difficult child does.
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    We've told him many times why he cam't live with us. He just can't accept it. As far as knowing he made his own bed I'm not sure he can't understand that concept. His brain just doesn't work out cause and effect. It is sad. -RM
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    Oh honestly.

    Well, maybe this time he'll learn from living through the first hand experience?

    Stay strong, RM.

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    I feel you. Maybe his sore back will think better than his current mentality does.
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    Rats! :(
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    Thanks Ladies.

    I will try. I'm hoping that a couple of nights at the shelter will make him think about trying to get into a program again. -RM
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    Well phooey! :(

    Maybe, just maybe this will be enough to open his eyes.

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    He is still so childlike in his thinking and his manupalations. Only goes to show that he hasn't changed all that much. Just a more adult looking body still a confused child inside. -RM