Can I cry now, please?

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    This is how my week went. Things are just coming unglued here!

    Last Thursday - difficult child decides to nearly kill easy child#1 over a minor dispute over splashing water. easy child#1 fell down the steps of the pool, scraping up his back before I could get to him. difficult child also breaks her glasses. Then husband gets hung out at work very very late with a really bad day. husband's back has flared up really badly, and he's been in a lot of pain. With the extreme pain comes the severe depression.

    Last Friday - I had to call husband in sick for mental health reasons. I could tell he wasn't doing good at all so I made him stay home. Took difficult child to the psychiatric doctor. Had to get difficult child's glasses fixed. Costing me $90.00!

    Last Saturday - My Mom's oldest dog decided to attack her smaller/sweetest dog and broke the sweeter dog's jaw. I had to deal with my Mom being really upset over it, then care for the sweeter dog. Animal ER was way too far away. husband and easy child#1 got into a riff at bedtime because easy child#1 just does not want to stay in his bed.

    Sunday - husband and I cooked all day, which was soothing for husband. He made sauce from scratch and we both made Gnocci's. (husband is Italian.) husband and I took care of broken jaw dog most of the day for my Mom.

    Monday - Took broken jaw dog to the vet for emergency services. They only did an exam and required a $100.00 deposit before even looking at her. We had rain from Tropical Storm Fay all day long. husband went back to work, only to have his boss chew him out for calling in sick. They hid his truck in the shop so husband couldn't pick it up over the weekend. Keep in mind, husband has only called in sick twice over the six years he'd been there. WTH? Seriously? Also, difficult child decides to eat lipstick (remember her pica?) in the shower. She tried to hide the fact, but freaked out when the lipstick got stuck in her teeth and mouth.

    Tuesday - I had a panic attack overnight, couldn't sleep. Finally passed out about 1AM, only to have husband wake me up at 4AM to drive him to work, so he could bring his company truck home. (I had agreed to do this the night before.) Tropical Storm Fay spun off a number of tornados in my area, so I had to stay on my toes most of the day. At least husband was sent home early due to weather. On the way home he nearly got washed away in his truck (the big truck) in a flash flood. I called difficult child's psychiatric doctor who told me to stop giving difficult child the Prozac.

    Today - It's flooded really badly around here. Lots of flooding. I had an appointment for difficult child about 30 minutes away, that lasted a couple of hours. husband goes to work and his boss sends him to a job site, which takes husband two and a half hours to get from point A to point B with all the flooding - which would normally take him 30 minutes in normal conditions. In the meantime, husband's back is hurting really badly, he can't shut down his mind between the pain and depression, and the stress factors of his job/traffic/boss.....husband wrote a note to his supervisor/former friend that he can't take the pain and the job anymore, and more or less said he wishes to harm himself. (I don't have all the details.) Supervisor finds note, then had the cops and co-workers looking for husband. I get a call from my mother in law since the boss couldn't get through to me. They found husband, took away his truck, and the boss told me to get husband help. husband had a complete nervous mental breakdown. husband's boss told me that husband can't come back to work without clearance from a doctor or psychiatrist. husband is a mess. This is the worst I've seen him since we've been together. The best I can do is lots of TLC right now. I scheduled an emergency doctor appointment for tomorrow morning. So far, husband has been sleeping most of the evening. I'd known this was all coming since Thursday.....yet couldn't do anything about it. husband was afraid to lose his job if he'd gone to the doctor, so he refused my persistance to schedule the appointment. husband had tried to call me before everything unfolded, but I had my phone turned off during difficult child's appointment.

    I'm so overwhelmed with emotions that I'm just NUMB right now. I'm exhausted. I want to cry, but I can't. I had been "keeping my cool" about everything because I hate the extra chaos with everyone when I react to them. I feel that if I stay calm, then everyone else will calm down. I had been on auto-bot for this whole week, just doing what needs to be done. I can feel the consequences of keeping it all in through my body. Loss of appetite, can't sleep, and the constant headache. I've had the same headache for 5 days now.

    Boy, when it rains, it pours.....and the weather actually matches! We're still getting rain!
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  2. Andy

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    Draw a bath to the perfect temp of your choice - Light the candles in the bathroom - Turn on some soft music (but kind of loud) - Lock yourself in the bathroom - Have a good long cry.

    Wow - you really do have a good reason to let those tears flow - get them out of your system then gather your plans together.

    Get all the doctor appts on the calendar and then take one day at a time.

    Let us know how husband is doing.

    Take care of yourself - it makes other things so much easier to handle.
  3. Marguerite

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    I wish you had the amount of mental energy you need, to begin chewing people out. I'd start with the boss - if he hadn't been so hard on husband over calling in sick when he desperately needed to, then husband wouldn't have felt so stressed and determined to be seen to be a good worker. Totally not fair treatment.

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with all this crud. Not kind to you, not one little bit.

    Sorry about the difficult child with pica - sounds like she's stressing too, which could be aggravating the pica.

    And you! Any chance you can take a bit of time for yourself, to be good to yourself?

    You sound like a really good person, a strong woman. You need to be.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    you have had a heck of a week. It is any wonder that you are stressed, exhausted, and suffering from a nonstop headache.

    I hope husband is able to get some help with the doctor today. His boss has not fired him, perhaps he handled it wrong, but hopefully this will give husband some time to make progress on both his physical and mental health.

    Hang in there.......keep us posted.

  5. ML

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    Dang! You really are an amazing and strong woman! I'm really sorry about the week from he((. Prayers and good thoughts come your way from out west! Hugs, Michele
  6. OpenWindow

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    Yes, you can cry now, I think you deserve a good cry! Lock yourself in the bathroom, take a nice bath and just let it out.

    Prayers and hugs coming your way.

  7. DazedandConfused

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    I'm exhausted reading your post. You poor thing! I hope husband is doing a bit better and the rain has let up. You, dear lady, are amazingly strong.

    Give us on update when you can.
  8. trinityroyal

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    MoonDancer, you've had a heck of a bumpy ride lately.
    Sorry things have been so rough.

    You bet you can have a good cry. Run a bath, lock yourself in and let the tears flow.

    Sending hugs and strength, and saying prayers that things settle down.