Can I have a "whoa is me" moment too?


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Forgive me, but I just need to feel sorry for myself for a minute. Today is my 27th birthday. Yesterday on what was to be the day I celebrated with my family (parents, brother, husband, difficult child, easy child) I wound up with the worst migraine in history - 3/4 of the day was spent in bed and the other 1/4 with my head over the toilet. YIPPEE! husband works nights and had to work last night (so he came home at 7:30am and slept til 5pm) then had to work a 12 hour shift tonight so he left 1 hr after waking up. I didn't get so much as a happy birthday out of him, not a card, nothing. My grandparents were the only ones to acknowledge my day. And now here I sit at home with my 2 kids eating mac & cheese on my birthday. I don't usually whine, but I just needed to.


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Awww...Happy Birthday. Sorry it was such a rotten day yesterday.

Maybe you can make it up soon when the planets align.
LOL, you know what I just noticed? You are in Chicago too.

If I knew that, I'd have baked a cake and brought it over myself.

Course I'd have probably coughed all over it.


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I need you to use your imagination here; we're going to have a virtual birthday party. I've brought a beautifully decorated sheet cake (half chocolate raspberry and half vanilla strawberry). There is a butter cream frosting and the prettiest little rosettes on it. It reads: "Happy 27th Birthday". There are opened gifts scattered about the room: a lovely bracelet from husband, a framed photo of the kids, a lovely scented bath set with matching room scent diffuser, that new novel you've been wanting to read and a whirlpool jet mat for your tub. We gather around to light the candles & someone lowers the lights. We breaks into song:

<span style="color: #CC0000"> <span style='font-size: 20pt'> <span style='font-family: Century Gothic'>Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear 3rd Gear
Happy Birthday to you! </span>
</span> </span>
You blow out the candles to great cheers.
Happy birthday! :flower:


Happy, happy birthday, hon. :flower:

TM - If I asked nicely, would you mind hosting my next birthday party? The one your throwing now has scrumptious cake and great gifts! tee hee hee :flower:


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When I get days like that, I mentally postpone my birthday.

About husband 'forgetting' - he may have thought that you were already so miserable that he didn't want to remind you of yet one more reason to feel sorry for yourself. And if that's not the case - think how much capital you can make out of it when he remembers that he forgot! It should be good enough for a romantic dinner for two, even if it's just the Maccas car park!

Save your birthday until you're feeling well enough and husband isn't so exhausted. Let him know, ask him when is a good time to fit in with his shifts, to have your birthday instead.

I remember the first time I had to do this - easy child was a newborn, premmy baby and we'd just got home from the hospital. I was too tired to want to fuss, there was a local school fireworks display but I couldn't be bothered getting dressed to go out, especially on a cold night with a new baby. Part of me wanted the social occasion, though. And easy child had finally woken up and was demand-feeding constantly, from about 4 pm to 11 pm, feeding non-stop (left side, burp, right side, burp, left side, burp, right side, burp...and so on). She would then sleep for about three hours and wake for another feed at 2 am. Charming. Who wanted to be a mother?
So husband & I sat side-by-side in the dark, me still in my nightie (like I had been all day) and with easy child still swapping sides, we watched what we could see of the fireworks display above the trees. Then when it was all finished, we lit a candle, sat on the floor and ate takeaway Chinese right out of the plastic containers, like some sort of bizarre picnic (and easy child STILL feeding and swapping sides...).
There was another fringe benefit to keeping the light off - any visitors thought we were out, so I didn't get disturbed by people dropping in to find me still in my nightie, unzipped and feeding the baby. We had our own space, right when I needed it.

I think it was another three months before we tried to do anything more to celebrate.



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Okay, the best thing about that virtual b-cake.....NO CALORIES!!! And its delicious.....

Birthday is just a DAY, so pick another one when you feel better and make that YOUR being 27 should be a treat anyway...I would switch ages with you.....(just don't want any do overs....)

Take a day for yourself.....and Happy Belated Birthday.


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Awwwwwwww go out buy yourself something nice wrap it up and place it on the table next to a birthday cake for your husband to find. Have him light the candles and then tell him quietly that you need to feel special at least one day a year. If he doesn't remember next year spend even more money on yourself and forget his. Eventually even the most dense of males will learn. -RM