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    husband was in the dog house today. Not with me, with the cat. In Nov, I switched the cat to a brand called Taste of teh Wild cat food. It is grain free, made with real meat and quality ingredients. Grocery store type cat food is very hard on male cats and they can get bad Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)'s. Capn LOVES this food. I don't feed him, that is husband's and J's job according to Capn. Yes, he does make decisions like that, just pesters them until they behave, lol. We ran out of TOTW late last night. My husband went out this am and bought grocery store cat food again. I told him twice yesterday that I woudl get food today.

    husband brought the bag of cheap food in. Capn saw it and GLARED at him. Then husband opened it and put it in his bowl. He took a mouthful, walked Occupational Therapist (OT) his litter box, put it in an buried it.

    Then he went for another bite, dropped it at husband's feet and scratched like he was going to cover it up.

    It was HILARIOUS. Of course I went and got the good food today. husband won't do that again, lol. It is funny how the cat will scold husband that way.

    This food is more expensive, but a bag lasted over a month. It would take five bags of grocery store food to get though that amt of time. Capn LOVES this food, but it is filling so he doesn't eat as much. This means he doesn't fill the litter box as much too! Plus the litter box doesn't reek the way it did on the other food.
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    They do have us trained, don't they?!
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    My dogs are on the TOTW dog food and there's a huge difference between that and grocery store brands. The reason they eat less of the TOTW is because their nutritional needs are being met with a smaller amount of food. And with no grains or fillers like corn, they usually have smaller poops too! I've been driving 20 miles each way to buy the TOTW dog food but I think I'm going to start ordering it from Amazon because it's actually cheaper that way. A 30-pound bag at Tractor Supply is $47 plus tax and I drive a total of 40 miles to go get it. The same 30-pound bag from Amazon is also $47 but there is NO sales tax, the shipping is free, and it's delivered right to the post office a block from my house!
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    oh, how funny! I didn't know cats did things like that! We've had ours for 2 yrs (3?) and they are certainly demanding with-their meows first thing in the a.m. but nothing specific like your cat did. That'll teach your husband, lol!
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    If Bruce didn't do similar things, I'd not believe you. :rofl:

    But he doesn't push his luck quite so much as that, those days as a stray have stuck. He won't eat the latest food we picked up. It's store brand (I just can't afford those expensive brands, bad enough I've got the dogs on it......and well, dunno if I can keep that up either) but it's a variation of the usual type. Bag looked the same, I just didn't look closely enough at it I guess.

    To show me he hates a food he will literally starve himself. No joke. I tried to wait him out. At 10 days he was getting desperate and going after people food. So I thought maybe this tooth that has been giving him issues off and on was bothering him and picked up some can food. You'd have thought I gave him the whole world on a platter..........I couldn't peel him off of me after that he was so darn grateful. omg Well, I can't afford long term can food either at 50 cents a it was back to the dry after he was eating well again. And now we're once again at a stand off. I've got to go out for a pet food run tomorrow anyway so I'll be more careful which bag of food I pick up this time. by the way, if it was the tooth.....he's showing no signs of it. I think it was just not liking the food and being pigheaded. The strays outside could care less, they'll eat literally anything.
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    I had Abby and Buddy on TOTW for the past 6 months and assumed I was doing the best for them but she was still having her issues with her digestive system after all this time. I ran out of food about 3/4's of the way through the month in December and had to buy a bag of food at the grocery store because we dont have a store locally that sells it and they have Rachael Ray's dog food that has just 6 ingredients in it and is the whole grain free etc stuff. I bought that for her. She actually seems to like it better and is having less problems. I would have never thought it.
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    I really wish that I could get husband to see how quality food makes such a difference in the cat's life in so many ways. He will talk about it like he agrees, but if we run out he goes to the nasty cheap stuff. It drives me batty. This is the first Morgan his been on this food because I was unable to go and get it for quite a while (it is very hard to get around our feed mill and until lately I smply couldn't manage it with the health issues). husband INSISTED that the cheap stuff was fine, blah blah blah. When we did change foods? WOW. husband has spent this time telling EVERYONE how awesome the food is, how it is actually cheaper because the animal eats less and the box isn't as stinky and blah blah blah. But rather than even bother to open his mouth when we were getting low, or taking twenty minutes to go to the store, pay, and drive home, he lets us run out and then he wastes money on the cheap stuff. Those 2 mouths of food were ALL that the cat ate. The humane society will NOT give the animals food from an opened bag, they only take factory sealed bags. He told me that it was okay to do the cheap stuff because we would just donate what the cat didn't eat, and he KNOWS that you can't. I know he knows, because he told me about it.

    Donna, you are the one who first told me about TOTW. You posted that dog food analysis link a couple of years ago. It had a link Occupational Therapist (OT) a cat food analyss (not there anymore that I can find) and I checked it out and found a store near us. We ALL appreciate it, esp Cap'n Morgan and Tyler. thank you because he usually ends up dealing with the litter box, lol. You should have heard him about a week after we switched. He had a cold when we switched and when it cleared us he was shocked at how little the box smelled, lol.

    husband also got a scolding because changing a cat's or dog's food should be done slowly and gradually. Cats esp are very sensitive and it is easier than easy for their systems to get all messed up at abrupt diet changes. Then you have a lot of other problems because they don't feel good and can't always make it to the box or they vomit. Yuck.

    Capn is part, most likely the biggest part, Siamese. they are different than many cats. Often owners get a kitten because it is so cute but when they learn how smart and strong willed they are, the cat goes to a shelter or pound. We found Cap'n at the animal shelter. The officer at AC gave us quite a talking to about how Siamese were different and could be very stubborn about things and we had to be ready to adjust because he would not be the only one adjusting. I had half siamese cats in the past and they are great IF you like a cat that will train you, lol.
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    I learned my lesson about 12 years ago with Possum.

    AngelKitten had been adopted when I was broke so she started out on supercheap food. Possum was adopted when I was going to the commissary and they only had name brand. Well... When XH and I moved to Oklahoma we had no money so I bought supercheap. And promptly spent nearly $1000 on a male cat with a HORRIBLE bloody urinary infection. A couple years later I was broke again and tried generic and another infection, not as bad because I knew what caused it this time. Then husband bought the generic stuff ONCE. I didn't know (didn't see the bag) and... Yeah. Since then - not a single infection. Not one. In 7+ years.

    I think I might try TOTW though. Possum's almost 15 now and could use a little pampering! Squirrel doesn't do canned cat food often, either... And we're looking at a Great Pyr pup this summer, because what better time than when Meggie is learning to crawl?!
  9. InsaneCdn

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    You're getting a Great Pyr? Wow... fun, but not cheap to feed and care for!
    Meggie will have to get used to being "herded"
  10. AnnieO

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    husband adores Pyrs. I promised him YEARS ago that we could get one - eventually, when the time was right.

    Last summer, we discussed it and... Unless we have a major catastrophe, Meggie will be the right age to grow up with it. And then - no one will mess with her!

    No, they're not cheap; but husband knows someone. He had Pyrs as a child and adores them. I had a Samoyed. I'm used to tons of white hair...
  11. InsaneCdn

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    We've always had working dogs - collie/lab/shepherd/newfie... more work, but way more fun.
  12. donna723

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    I have never tried the TOTW cat food but I'm sure it's very good. As we speak, there are TEN cats on my front porch having breakfast so I could never afford the really good stuff for all of them. They're not all mine but when you put food out, they spread the word, and now I'm feeding every cat in the city limits! My policy is, when I see a hungry animal, I feed it! I buy the big bags of 9 Lives, not really the best but it's a good middle-of-the-road food and they like it. I could never afford to feed them all canned food but what I do is mix one can of 9 Lives and a little warm water with their dry food and they gobble it up! And as an added bonus ... once I realized that dogs like nothing better than canned cat food, it became a lot easier to give Ragan her pills in the morning. Ragan is my oldest Boston and she takes two pills every morning. She can get very stubborn about it, but if I hide the pills in a spoonful of canned cat food, she snarfs them right up!
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    LOL Donna - just a warning, don't let Ragan have too much cat food - it will make her poop and gas smell atrocious!!! Basically because cats are complete carnivores...
  14. Hound dog

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    Someone forgot to tell the cats around here they're complete carnivores.........I catch them snitching things out of the garden ect and it's not bugs or mice. LOL

    I do the 9 Lives too. For some odd reason it's currently cheaper than the generic walmart brand. The kind I picked up this time was some sort of healthy variety, Bruce did not approve. I also feed the strays so there is no way I can afford anything more than that. Maybe in my current state I shouldn't feed strays but I just can't look at a hungry animal and ignore it. It's not their fault someone turned them out.

    Great Pyr need plenty of running room, but they're awesome. Once Molly and Rowdy pass and I'm in better position financially I plan to adopt a GP pup because I'm sure Maggie will be lonely without them.......and well, I've always wanted one. Broke my heart when we had to take JoJo to the rescue because the timing was just lousy. (although she got excellent training and a great family)

    Our local fb page is driving me nuts with mixed GP pups lately. I won't give in though, this is NOT the proper time.
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    LOL Lisa... I have a HUGE back yard. And an Invisible Fence...
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    Step, Ragan only gets a spoonful or two of the cat food, just enough to hide her pills in. And I give it to her after I mix it with the dry food. With the dry food in there too, she can't tell if the crunchy parts are a pill or a piece of cat food. She knows the pills are in there but she wants the cat food bad enough that she doesn't care. No way to fool her. And she knows that none of the other dogs get the yummy cat food, just her, which makes her want it even more!

    Lisa, when you're ready for that Great Pyr, I've noticed a few Great Pyr rescue groups on Facebook. They've posted pictures of some gorgeous purebred dogs that are available for adoption.
  17. cubsgirl

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    My cats eat the cheaper stuff too. However, they totally have me trained. As soon as I wake up in the morning they try to herd me into the kitchen. They lead the way but keep looking back to make sure I am about to feed them.

    Very cute story about Captain Morgan!
  18. susiestar

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    My folks have had their animals on science diet, with a bit of dry fancy feast as their treats. They use the reg fancy feast brand dry and give them 4-6 bits as a treat. They love it.

    I cannot STAND science diet. If you have an animal with recurrent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)'s, then the prescription food for that is okay. TOlerable at least. But SD uses grains and things that dogs and cats cannot digest well. I pulled up the ingred list for science diet online and read it to my mom. Then I pulled up the TOTW food and had her read it. She was SHOCKED and really upset that for a very long time she has spent so very much on SD when it does NOT have quality ingredients. It got popular with vets because it has a good profit margin and was something that clients bought regularly, rather than just the once a year checkup, etc... I am taking some TOTW to her this week so she can see what her cats think of it. I have known a lot of vets as friends as well as vet students, and they all have said that SD is good, but mostly it got popular because it helped infections and had a good profit margin. Several said they only fed it to their pets because it was inexpensive for them to purchase at wholesale, so they didn't go and buy/try other brands to see if any were better.

    All of the cats I have been around would eat various plants. Wild cats do this also. There is even a plant that makes cats stoned that grows wild and there are big cats that will eat it and totally stoned in the wild. Many cats will eat grasses when they are getting furballs because it somehow helps move them through.
  19. JKF

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    My cats are VERY picky! If I god forbid get the cheap food they refuse to eat it and constantly meow and cause all sorts of trouble to get back at me for betraying them in such a manner! lol They do like The Goodlife food which is semi expensive but not too crazy. I'm going to have to look for TOTW. It sounds like something my two big fat middle aged spoiled male cats would LOVE!
  20. InsaneCdn

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    Our vet backed science diet because of their recall policy... they don't do recalls. They make the stuff, then hold it until all tests are complete before releasing. Everybody else releases as fast as they make, and if there is an issue, they have to recall, but much of that has been consumed already.

    Haven't even seen TOTW around here at all.