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    Well tomorrow I have a feeling is gonna be a rough one. My difficult child has court tom which we are attending. (Haven't seen difficult child since Dec 200513) It will be her IL vs her and her common law about guardianship of her children. Both have guardianship but IL are going after full guardianship because of difficult child and her SO recent drug use. The IL shut their cell phone off so me and husband can't talk to grandchildren they live 1 and hours away. We haven't seen children since end of dec..the children are so mixed up and confused it breaks my heart. I know tom my difficult child says we are not welcome in court she will get us tossed out but I was told by court and social worker as long we are not disruptive nothing difficult child can do. Im scared seeing her tom. Knowing we had to charge her for all the theft and kicking her out. I love her with all my heart it crushes me. Ive become a hermit because of being depressed dr has me on mild antidepressant to sleep. It is hard when I have to go out any where but I force myself to. But t ommarrow I know I need to be there so I kniw what is happening with grandchildren but am soo scared of what is to come. My difficult child says when she get kids back me and husband will never see them. I can't stop crying for my grandsons or the hurt for them in my heart.