difficult child 2's teacher report

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    I just spoke with my son's english and reading teacher and she says he is doing, in her words, fabulous. Says he has no trouble focusing whatsoever. He is always on task and always completes his work on time. And get this, he actually raises his hand and volunteers to answer questions! Something he has never done before! Last year he was so unfocused that he would stare off into space and bite his nails. He never answered questions, and when called upon, he was so off in his own little world that he wouldn't even hear his name being called. When asked a question, he almost never knew the answer because he never paid attention. He also struggled immensely with speaking up in class and would never initiate converstation or keep eye contact. His teacher says she doesn't notice this problem at all this year. Sounds like the Focalin is not only helping his ADHD, but his autism as well. Normally it's like pulling teeth to get him to talk, but now he volunteers! I am so happy! Middle school is going great so far. Thank heaven for the right medications.
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    Congrats! Good job difficult child 2! We got a similar report early this week. Doesn't it feel wonderful? Right medications = super happiness.
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    Yes it feels great and I get to say I told you so to his dad. He still thinks he doesn't need medications even though this year he's an almost straight A student and the last two years he was a D/F student. medications are definitely helping. I only wish I tried them sooner.