Ever wake up from a dream??? Not yourself?

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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Okay this is almost:villagewrong: funny if it weren't so real. And I have noooooooo idea of any of the ----okay I have some Idea of the.....well futs........here it is.

    DF went home for 3 weeks sans moi. No biggie. It's the first time I've been alone in my own home for that length of time in 12 years. It was kinda nice, kinda weird, and while I had to work and my Mom came for a visit? I really wasn't alone much. He didn't go anywhere but the family farm - and he farmed. Cut hay, moved cattle, went to some cow show, visited with his Mom and family. I was so happy for him. He came back younger looking and rested - and after the last few years that WE have had? I was so glad he got to go - his Mom turned 89 - and well - the rest is about evident. Families change, and he came home with a smile on his face humble that we have what WE have together. -ME too. Nearly 13 years together it's still good, despite having the worst times. We both learned that appreciation is a two way street even more than we did before the vacation.

    So I fall asleep last night and I'm in that deep dream sleep .....and I dreamed I went to work and had to come home for something - and found him not at home. ODD. Then I found him at another womans home, taking her the newspaper and giving her child a book. (OMG that part was nearly believable because he really is that kind of man - kind, and helpful) But my fur went up in the dream. NOT like me at all. So this is why the dream is OH SO FUNNY - especially since I woke up perturbed. It took me a minute to find him in the den having coffee, watching John Wayne movies - like always, and make sense of it all. I made my coffee, stumbled out to the chair, sat down and said "SO .........what woman are you taking the paper to when I go to work?" :groan: A stranger look I could not have gotten if I had thrown open the side door and drug in a dinosaur on a leash and said "CAN WE KEEP HIM???"

    Poor man sat there, grabbed the remote, turned it down immediately and said "WHAAAAAAAAT?" and I snorted- OBVIOUSLY trying to look sexier than the woman in my dream......and leaned forward to try and explain - but WOW.....what a FUBAR moment out of MY mouth. Then I pursed my lips and said - "YUP You've been busted, delivering the paper, and reading stories to her daughter." -----almost as if I were psychic and caught him doing this - but not even believing myslef for saying it." and he literally sat there and said ----"Darlin' if I ever mess with another woman I think you should just walk over in the corner and get that bat and :fishbashsmile:. because it means I've lost COMPLETE control of my senses." -------Hummmmmm - nice recover....and OMG did I ever even say that to him? GAWD Star - are you an idiot. Yes. Then he chuckled "almost" and said "What is this about??" and I said 1/2 laughing....."I had this dream, after I left for work, you were walking the paper over to some woman and taking her child a book." He just sat there and said "Oh I see....so I'm sneaking papers to women, and educating their children?" Then he busted out laughing.

    Oddly enough I told him for years that if he (as a Biker) ever got a gypsy bone and felt like roving - GO for it - I wouldn't play the roll and stop him....he could walk whenever. I mean it, I meant it and I still do. I won't cry over any man - EVER. It's part of my allure. But I swear - In this dream I think I was possessed, or at that age where I am loosing my looks....or aware of younger women on a monumental scale....have a birthday com:bdayiggy:ing up??? UGH - I don't know. But in the dream? I would have killed him for cheating. SO not like me. Or is it? lol.....

    Anyway - it's taken me most of the morning to get over what never happened........and is absolutely ridiculous. But I just haven't had a dream that vivid in so long and never ever about him. (shakes head) I really am going to go get my hormone panel done. Old age is killing me slowly.

    About 1/2 an hour ago he held out a childs book in the den and said "Can I read you a story little girl?" -------I need to go check on him and see if he was able to get up off the ground unassisted. Then I'm going to cancel the paper.

    Hugs all - Hope you have a brighter day - :fantasysmiley:
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    Yup, I've done this! Not quite to that extent, dear... But yeah.

    You made me laugh, too, or perhaps he did, with the "Can I read you a story little girl?"...
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    Thank God...the answer is "No". I'm messed up enough with real life, lol, and don't need fantasy. Hugs DDD
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    I used to do this to husband upon occasion. But see, MY dreams, well ok some of my dreams......not all of course (that would just be weird), come true/are true whatever. husband figured this out several years into our marriage after a few incidences sort of scared him silly and made him stare at me with awe. So when I did it.........actually joking because it wasn't one of those dreams (yes, I can easily tell the difference) He'd get the deer in the headlights look. After a couple of times, he finally figured out I was just teasing him.........and then would ask me if this was something going to occur in the future and was she at least pretty? LOL Then we'd just roll with it for a while and the kids would just gawk at us as if we were from another planet.

    I don't do jealous. I'm like you, either a guy wants to be with me or not. You can't force someone to love you/want to be with you, nor can you persuade them. Either they do or they don't. (took him many years before he figured out that I meant that one too)

    Per those dreams? I'm about to post about one I had ohhhh some let's see.......some 15-16 yrs ago (yes, those dreams you don't forget, ever) It didn't have to do with husband at all. But then again......it didn't have to do with what I had assumed it had to do with at the time, either. Or maybe it did and it was a dual whammy. Who knows? I don't make the rules, heck no one ever even bothered to give me the rules. LOL :didimiss:
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    step - he's okay -really - but that cataract surgery? (drums fingers......putting it off a little longer could be a consideration) lol..exhale sigh (chuckle) no no not really
    ddd - too funny - hadn't considered that - but now that you mention it.
    hound - you and I have already discussed the "other side" of future things.....and well - that's never bothered df. AND like you I am soooo not a jealous person. Not over anyone, anything. I move on. Although I would not hesitate to hand him a bat and allow him all the lumps he could muster on the way down the driveway....(snorts) He's still chuckling about it. MOSTLY? Because in 12 nearly 13 years I have never ever displayed even one iota of insinuation -dream or otherwise. I actually think he's enjoying this if you can believe that. (Men are so weird) I just mentioned it once in a "I had a dream" ---and not like Susan Boyle style either....Well in any event it doesn't beat the time I was hysterical and he slapped me in the face with a slice of Carl Budding lunch meat and it stuck to my cheek......No THAT? Was funny. (wrote it on the calendar of our lives and we still laugh about that) ------I can honestly say I 'm the ONLY person I know to ever be smacked with a slice of ultra thin processed ham and laughed.
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    I have extremely vivid dreams and thank heavens they dont come true! I have dreamed that Cory was dead, that he was locked up, that Tony was dead, all sorts of awful things and they were extremely vivid. Tony had one extremely vivid dream when we were together about a year and a half and the thought he caught me having sex with a black guy and he and my father walked up on me and my dad gave him permission to beat the hell out of me. He woke up just as he was about to beat the tar out of me in my sleep. I would have had all sorts of bruises all over my body over that one!
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    as morbid as it sounds....(but I really feel I know why this one went through my brain) I also dreamed about Dudes funeral. I didn't know about how he died, or anything other.....I just walked into the funeral home, in FL and there were people milling around, and DF was with me on high alert. It was one of those old house funeral places - like they took a mid-century house and converted it - and I remember walking in....seeing the ex inlaws, and they really were not unfriendly but then I wasn't too friendly either. My son was gone, no one could tell me anything, and for the first time in nearly 16 years I had to face my x. Down the left hall of the viewing room was a long hallway - and the bathrooms at the end on the left. I walked down them, looked up, saw my x and without hesitation, pulled a blade or knife out of my boot, cut him, he fell and I basically kept going.

    Okay first thought was WHY was my son gone? No one would tell me anything, he was living with Daddy DIsney and I could only imagine what had occured that they once again had gotten away with murder. Secondly why was I wearing boots to a viewing? WHERE did I ever get so proficient with a knife - It was like bend, get, come up - one slice and he was virtually dead....falling over gasping for air, gurgling. (sounds very heinous) but this really freaked me out......the fact that I could do something like that.....and mostly the fact that I had zero remorse. That bothered me so much SO SO much - for myself - not for the what I did to him - that I called my psychiatrist and went in for a session. I thought OMG here I am thinking that I'm over this idgit and the first chance I get near him? I do what I did - in a dream.

    Well as it turns out - a lot of the things that (and don't you laugh) we have frustrations about, memories about, need to work out - we do in our dreams. Everything in our brains that we hear, see, smell, touch, taste? Is stored like microchips in our brains. Sometimes those "memories" get crossed - or we hear things on TV, see things in movies and for whatever reason - we recall them - sometimes to protect us, sometimes to make us happy, sometimes to work out frustrations that we can't handle in the real world, sometimes to work out problems. Most times in my dreams? I work out solutions to my problems. It's uncanny but I go to sleep thinking about something I could fix, don't know how - and in a dream I get to do them without harming myself....And in this case - my brain has had SO much of X hurting me, hurting Dude - that in a "SAFE" place (my dreams) I acted out something primal that I would NOT act out in the real world. Because after I had this dream? The anxiety that rode SO high in my mind about x killing our son - to get back at me? Diminished to a point where I could function during the day. See - part of the "things I couldn't talk about" when Dude was in Florida - was that the x was dealing, and selling drugs and this is nothing new for him. But he was beating my son, and teaching him to dumpster dive for food - went after him with a ball bat, took an 18" bowie knife and a sledge hammer to Dudes car tires, and his car - took any and everythign he owned and sold it for crack....and in the end my son took what he could shove in a back pack and his dog - and went and lived in the park. Then when he went to jail? My son moved back into the house, moved out all the drug people, rented the rooms, cleaned up the house, painted and did such a nice job on his own - keepign the property up and helping the disabled neighbor....that when x got out of jail? He literally threw all the PAYING room mates junk on the carport and told druggies they could live in the house - and the only reason my sons junk wasn't gone - was because he found and installed two steel door with deadbolts and put on his room. If I showed you the pictures of what my X did to the house? You'd puke. Dude had no where to go until x was arrested and sent to prison for drugs - and it still amazed me that he had 13 counts with 20 years each and only did 18 months in prison. When Dude nearly died in the hospital? We flew him to Chick town to be with his fiance.....and well that didn't go so well due to his supposed baby makiing abilites and the fact that her dad is an alcoholic and non-functional BiPolar (BP) himself/control freak. Soooooo.......in that dream - I solved a problem. No, not how I would have ever done it in real life - but to the point where my brain could rest at night - because I looked so ragged - and felt so horrible. The day ex went to prison and dude was left alone? The house was so demolished - it was condemed, but the bank let him stay there until I went and got him and took him to the airport. The rats were so big I thought they were cats. So yeah - some times you work out frustrations - and maybe there is a deep seated ? I have with DF - but for the life of me it just -----unless it was him going to see his daughter.....she's horrible. And she has a child. I worried about that because she is a source of his depression to the tenth degree. I dunno....(shrug) Dude did tell me x has prostrate cancer...so maybe things will take care of themselves. Don't wish it on anyone - but the man is a miserable existance of a being.
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    LMAO!!!! My husband always has dreams that I cheat on him and I swear he is genuinely ticked off in the mornings...you are not alone!! But you are so dang funny!!!