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    husband and I finally bit the bullet and decided it's time to get family room furniture - we've been using a futon for 15 years because of moves and finances, etc. Because we had to travel a fair distance to get to a furniture store, we made all the kids come with us. difficult child is home for the weekend so it was the whole crew. We are quite a site in all our glory. ;)

    Oldest is unintelligible 99% of the time due to his CP and also usually very quiet (again, CP - a combination of diaphragm strength and positioning issues). Lately, he's found his voice. And it's *loud*. Best way to put it in writing is he has a very loud "HEYYYYYY" - I mean, echo off the rafters loud. It always shocks people who are trying very hard not to look at him (the wheelchair effect). They can't help but stare with a vaguely horrified look on their face when he gets vocal, and of course he gets tickled by the attention and just gets louder.

    Then we have difficult child who is a fashion disaster. Black Tripp pants (remember the elephant bell bottoms from the early 70's?), chains and skulls and these ridiculous striped fingerless gloves that make him look like an escapee from a Dr. Suess story. Latest accessory is, I kid you not, an honest to goodness dog collar complete with leash (now why didn't I think of that when he was 3???). Thankfully I hid my eyeliner but he still had traces under one eye from Friday (can I just call him Spot?). Oh, and must not forget the chipping black nail polish that adorns only one hand.

    Youngest son who has grown so much this past year that he doesn't know where his body parts are. When he sits, he just kind of oooooozes down in this slumped lump.

    Daughter who is Ms. Cheerleader deluxe - perky, preppy, a total anomaly in our family.

    husband and me - aging rapidly, tired, but fairly anonymous, bland, stereotypical Midwest.

    So in we go to this store that is in a rather affluent 'burb, i.e. we stick out like sore thumbs. We walk around, oldest yells occasionally just for fun, people move over when they see difficult child coming, I'm on a mission to find the furniture because shopping is just slightly more fun to me than a root canal, and the rest are just trying to keep up. We find something I can live with and then husband and I go look for lamps, leaving the kids sitting on the floor sample (they were *very* well behaved, about time) while the salesguy is writing it up. We get back and the salesguy looks at husband and me and asks - "What kind of parents let their kid wear a dog collar?" :rofl: :rofl:

    For just a second there, I had a brief flash of how our crew must look to others but I think the good news is I just don't care anymore. I'm proud of every one of my kids, in spite (or because of) all their little quirks. It turned out to be a really good outing and we had a lot of fun and laughs. Being able to do stuff like this successfully is just so rare - I really treasure it when things go well.
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    OMG, Sue. I loved your story until I got to the last part. What did you guys say? Was the salesman kidding?

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    What a great visual Sue, especially the one where all the kids with their own unique selfs sitting lined up and quietly waiting for you and husband to finish :)

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    Oh I liked that visual. The guy at the end must not have kids or they must be very young still. I can't believe he would ask.

    Glad you had a good outing. You deserve it.

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    What a great story-I'm glad you enjoyed it! I would have too but for that salesperson, I might have had to have words with him!
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    LOL....did you tell him you let thank you off the long lead to come in the store?
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    Only parents like us would actually enjoy that scenario...heh?:rofl:

    Glad you got some new furniture. Hope you got a good deal on it.
  8. Well Sue, you guys sound like just the kind of family that I would like to meet!

    My answer to the salesman would be "A good one!"

    But, I'm sure that it would totally be lost on him....
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    Sounds like your family could blend with my family and we'd all fit right in.
    I probably would have answered the salesman by saying, "Why would you ask that? YOu must not work on a commission." LOL
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    I actually laughed when salesguy said that. I probably would have it thought in in my previous life (pre difficult child). Told him that you have to pick your battles and if my kid wants to wear a dog collar, oh well. ;)
    Oh yeah, and salesguy was probably 60, with no kids of course, LOL. He probably went home thanking his lucky stars! :rofl:
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    "What kind of parent would deny their child that freedom of expression?" or "If you put one on right after birth, they get so used to it. It has come in handy, especially as a toddler."


    I am glad you had a good outing.
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    That is just lovely!

    I am amazed at people! We still get flack about cutting N's hair short! It is a short little pixie. But it looks like a *boys* haircut, or not girly enough. She is very picky about her clothes. She wears leg warmers, puts them on her arms! Loves arm bands, wears them on her upper arms! She is 4... it cracks me up.
    I have had comments from other women... Or the automatic, "Look at that little boy"
    When she is in pink or some girly color... the full on prejudice.

    When I picked up k from School the other day she comes out, the only one with red all over her whole face!
    They had been given popsicles. She was the only one with her face covered... of course we got lots of looks.

    We have special kids in so many ways!
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    Slsh---that totally cracked me up. Y'know, we can't put leashes on our difficult children, but they're allowed to do it themselves. :)

    My best friend is a manager with the company from which your difficult child gets all his stuff, I'm betting. We get the same looks when we're out. Me, jeans and a t-shirt, her basically the same, but with bright purple hair and tattoos. It's amazing what people will say. She's hard-working (think: constantly thinking about work, weekends, holidays, she's ALWAYS thinking 'bout her store), trying to move up the ladder, plans to go back to college, no kids, no drugs, no drama.

    But you hear the whispers. She doesn't do it for shock value, she honestly just likes the pretty colors and fun patterns. Once I got used to it (ie, got past the social training that you DO NOT HAVE BRIGHT PINK HAIR)---I can totally see the allure. It hoovers we're not all allowed to wear fun pretty shiny or colorful things every now and then. :(
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    What a great story! I can relate!