Fun thread: What do your grandkids call you?


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I don't want to be "grandma." I kept rocking the baby and saying, "Gram or Grammy loves you." I seem to like that. What do your grandkids call you?

Baby has another grandma who is grandma to all of her other grandchildren.


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I'm just plain ol' "Grandma" and that's fine with me. I only have one grandchild so far, a five year old boy. And I am his only grandmother - his daddy's mom passed away right before he was born. If she was still around, I suppose one of us would have had to come up with something else to differentiate between us. I'm good with "Grandma" because that's what I am to him ... BUT ... that one little five year old boy is the only person on the face of the earth who is allowed to call me that!

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I am Nana by all the grandkids. Kayla deemed me Nana when she first started talking and that is just the way it has been from there on out.

That said..........Connor has his own version. I'm Nina when he says it. Oliver will come out with Nino just as often as Nana. Lately it is becoming more and more the Nana for him.

Being made a grandmother at 36 I wasn't quite ready to be "grandma". Kayla settled it. Now that Katie's kids are older they do call me grandma and it just seems weird.......and I do mean totally weird. lol


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I have already told you why I am Grandma but when Hailie was born Billies mom was still alive and she and I talked about this very thing. At the point when Billie was pregnant Monkey was hardly talking yet, in fact for most of her pregnancy she wasnt because the girls are only one year apart. Billie's mom heard what we were calling me and and Papa she said that she would be Nana. And she was until she died back in 08. Even Monkey called her Nana. LOL. In our family it doesnt matter if you are blood, you are who you are. I am grandma and Tony is Papa to all of Monkey's brother's even though they arent our bio grands.


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OK I'm not a grandma (thank goodness) but...

When I was born, my grandparents decided that my mother's parents, who lived closer, would be "Grandma" and "Grandpa", and my father's parents would be "Grandmother" and "Grandfather".

I called them all "Grandma" and "Grandpa". I was stubborn.

father in law is "Papaw", and mother in law is "Grandma Mary"... Biogma is "Grandma Ann" and my mom is "Grandma Jane". To Belle and Pat. To Rose... Well, due to the family feud she doesn't know mother in law (not since she was 5 months old), has barely seen father in law (Since she was 11 months)... And my parents are "Gama" and "Gapa".

sister in law's grandsons call her "Mimi".

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Here is a funny story about what to call a grandma. I don't remember which Disney movie it was now. I think it was "Lion King". Anyway, one of the main characters is a pig. At one point or another, he roars out, "They call me MR. PIGGY!"

So, one time? In response to whatever the request was? I roared out, in just that same way the character in the movie had done it:

"They call me MR. GRANDMA!"

One of those grandchildren is 21 today, and one is fifteen?

And we all still laugh about that one.



Oh, man ~ you are going to have so much fun with that little girl!


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We found quickly that whatever the first grandchild called the grandparent is what stuck to all who followed...and the children tend to make up their own minds about what they are going to call us no matter what we want!

We desperately tried to get Monkey to call my dad something like Great Papa or GPapa or something along those lines. Nope...she was stuck on calling him Grandfather in these really hushed and reverent tones as if she was talking about the

She never said things like "My grandfather said XXX or my grandfather gave me XXX. Or even I love my grandfather" Nope...It was Grandfather said this, Grandfather gave this, I love Grandfather. I think maybe it was because he was so much older and lived in this really nice house compared to anything she has ever seen so she thought he was to be much respected.


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Here in Wales, grandmothers are called "Mamgu" pronounced mam-gee.
The official word for grandfather is "Tadcu" pronounced tad-gee, although a lot of children here call their grandfathers "Bampy".
I'm not a grandmother yet, although my eldest daughter is 30.
I'd probably choose to be called 'Nan' as that is what I called my favourite grandmother.


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I am looking for a cool, youngish sounding acronym so to speak for "grandma." what about Mi Mi? I too need help!!!!

MWM. Are you going to stick with gram???


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A little update... Rose has moved to "Gwama" and "Gwapa", and has seen father in law a couple of times (for just a few minutes) and when I mentioned "this is Papaw" she mimicked me. So... Who knows?!

Her aunt is "Ann-tee". Which is FUNNY, 'cause that's NOT sister in law's name!


Susan Sarandon - whose daughter is expecting - will be called "honey" by the baby. She claims it's a southern thing. (Saw a recent interview)