Funny Bones


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I'm sitting here enjoying this Hostess treat, only because the store had this giant display and they were selling them for a dollar and my son (who is sick, by the way) is pointing and saying yum! I thought for a dollar, I'd buy them. I haven't had them since I was a little kid. Before we got down the next aisle I had opened one up for him and he devoured it. He was quite thrilled with it. So here I sit with a box of them and I broke down and opened one up for myself. WOW! Yum.

What's the treat that you remember from when you were a kid? Do they still make them? Do they still taste the same?


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About once a year I buy a package of Twinkies. My eyes roll into the back of my head with pleasure when I take that first bite.'s probably about that time to get my annual fix...


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Lady Fingers with the white cream in the middle - YUM - haven't seen them with the cream for years. And Date Nut Loaf - it came in a paper wrap covered in plastic and it was tiny. My mom would buy it for me and give me slices with cream cheese - another YUM - I think they still have this, but now I make my own. And lastly, those cookies that they don't make and I can't remember the name of: Nabisco made them. They were like two Nilla Wafers with marshmallow in between (not the ones covered in chocolate). Oh, and yodels which I treat myself to only when I'm on a road trip!


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I love Ding Dongs and Yodels but they have to be refrigerated. My mouth waters thinking about them.
Recently I had Baked Cheeto's. Now I hadn't had a Cheeto since before the kids probably. It is so unnatural but yum.
Which is why I have to do this. :smile:


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Suzy Q's (yes they are still good) and Cherry mash, a candy I used to get when a kid in Missouri. A couple of years ago, on the way to my Mom's, we stopped for gas, pottie and snacks and I found some of these. husband and difficult child thought I was nuts-as I did do a happy dance in the aisle and bought about 6 of them. Now, when we go by that store, difficult child and husband insist that we stop and get our fix of Cherry Mash!

These are my childhood vices!

See ya!

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I'm still a Ding Dong fanatic - but only when really stressed. Okay, so that's a lot of ding dongs. :rofl:

Of late, I've gone to the store daily, specifically for an apple fritter - I savor that fritter with a glass of cold milk while reading the paper. Whatever works - right? :hammer:


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I was always a total sucker for the Hostess cupcakes, the chocolate ones with the little white squiggles of icing on top! I used to buy them out of my puny little allowance when I was a kid. I even had it down to a science how I would eat them and save the smooshy white inside stuff for last. I don't dare buy them now! If I ever got started on them again, I probably couldn't stop myself .....

:smile: (should be doing this, but I'm not!)

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What is a funny bone?

My favorites are the twinkies. I cant buy them. I will eat the entire box in a couple of days and I have read the calorie content. :smile:



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Funny bones are chocolate cakes with a chocolate shell around it with this gooey peanut butter stuff in the center! You have got to get yourself some!