Good Morning Friday


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G'day, all.

We've had difficult child 1 home, plus girlfriend, since last night. They're going somewhere tomorrow, won't see him at least until Monday.

Our weather is getting cooler, winter is here for sure but it's mild so far. Time for comfort food.

difficult child 3 is working hard at getting as much schoolwork done before we go away after next weekend. I spent today organising, calling teachers to try to make sure we have enough worksheets to keep him occupied.

Nine days and counting!


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Good Morning Marguerite and all who will follow,

Marguerite-9 more days til vacation-fun is on the way! It sounds like you will be really busy until then. I'm glad it looks like your winter will be a mild one!

Long night last night. I posted last night how it was 10 o'clock and difficult child was still awake-I finally went up at 11 and he was still awake. husband came up at 11:30 and he was still awake so we aren't sure what time he fell aseep but I'm guessing it was around then because he never came up to bug us. I just hope he can hold it together today.

My dad and his wife are coming tonight and will be staying til Sunday morning. We are supposed to try and move this big shed in our back yard but it looks like rain tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing dad as we haven't seen him since Christmas.

Enjoy your day-may it be a peaceful one! :kisses:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, love that countdown to vacation. You deserve it!

Sharon, fingers crossed that difficult child maintains today.

kt is up & in the shower - doing her morning routine before the school bus.

Today we're touring a second respite facility - if approved we will have 2 respite resources & a guaranteed 2x month respite. There are days I'd approve a rat trap if it got me respite.

If things dry out I'm hoping to get in a round of golf this morning. And today is husband's 50th birthday. We're doing the party thing tomorrow.

Enjoy your day. "Hi" if you snuck in....find a reason to smile.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning. TGIF. It's the first long weekend of the summer season in our country.

Marguerite, hope you enjoy difficult child 1 and girlfriend. Good idea about having enough work for difficult child 3 to keep him busy while you are away. Enjoy the cool weather.

Sharon, hope difficult child holds it together. It's unfortunate he is going to school today but even more unfortunate you won't get a break.

difficult child has been clicking on all cylinders this week. It just shows in his eyes. He is clear and just "plugged in". He just left for the airport for a weekend with friends from school. He hasn't seen them for a year. He packed himself! Believe me he has never been able to plan and organize all of his necessities. Usually it was a suitcase of books or magazine and his toys. I suggested a check list but low and behold he had it already packed. Even remembered the laundry bag for dirty laundry. He still has his toys with him but he knows what he needs and has it all together.

He has had an exceptional week at work. Primarily because he is hyperfocused due to this trip. It spills over. He even got a 100% on a surprise quiz on customer service. It's posted on the bulletin board in the break room. He probably hasn't ever gotten a 100 on anything. It's lovely to see him thinking clearly. It's not the disjointed, out of touch with his reality type thinking.
I just worry that he is too excited and he will peak and crash but I'm going to enjoy his good week. Savoring the moments when it feels like he is doing well is the best I can do. I'm not worried about his behavior or his wardrobe or his friends. They will manage without my input. Even difficult child has commented on the need to use these sort of goals as a way to get himself to plan. :thumb: Guess the carrot will work better if it's his carrot.
I'm not sure that this will carry over but it's always more effective if it's his choice in carrot.

easy child signed out of class. He is officially done. The ceremony isn't until Tuesday but he is a high school graduate. Now he packs to leave the nest for 3 months to work. Add that he went to his first 18 and older club last night and stayed out past 12M in a very hip part of downtown and I had a Yikes! moment. He is doing everything in one 24hr period. I prefer he does it here and gets the experience and feel for it. Being a easy child, he insisted on driving. If he wasn't comfortable or bored he could go home. :thumb: My easy child is moving on from our nest. It's a good thing but we will miss him. He has been such a gift to us and a good friend with husband.

Baby sis is flying in this weekend with the nephews. I needed an Aunt Fam weekend. Middle sis will join us and it will be a good time. Not sure husband and easy child will be able to stand all the estrogen.
We plan a weekend of just hanging out.

We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday. My plants are so happy. :whew:

I don't think I have written this much is months.
Hope you have a good summer start weekend. It's also the weekend we remember those that died in service to the U.S. It's a great weekend to be in Washington D.C. if you haven't ever been. It's a powerful place to be on such an emotional weekend. Just a reminder to have a positive thought for the military and their families. :warrior: They are our warriors.

Good Morning timer. You snuck in on me.</span>


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:princess: Happy Free Choice Friday and the Friday before a Long Weekend :princess:

Can you tell I'm happy it's Friday leading up to a three day weekend????!!!!

Marg, glad that difficult child is dedicated to getting his work done before going away - it's always challenging to vacation during the school year 'cause the kids don't feel they should work while away :rolleyes:!

Sharon, I'll keep my fingers crossed that difficult child does well today - it's always a nail biter here when difficult child has a late night because he's usually ornry the next day - hope yours proves us both wrong :whew:

Linda and Fran - good morning - I was typing slow this morning and gathering my hmj while posting! Wishing you both a great day as well.

Cleaning crew coming this morning early - then I have a boat load of errands to run. I'm having a cookout on Sunday but have totally changd the previous afternoon time. It's supposed to be 91 on Sunday so we'll begin to gather at 6.

Kids want to see the Pirate movie this weekend, so we'll probably go to the first show tomorrow just like difficult child and I did with Shrek last weekend. Not too many folks up for a movie at 11:30 on Sat morning!

Wishing everyone a great Friday - it's a free choice friday which means if you're good, you get your choice tonight :wink:



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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- Have fun getting ready for vacation! You should post a basic itinerary so we can vicariously travel with you, lol! :smile:
Sharon- Fingers crossed that difficult child holds it together. Enjoy the weekend with family. :thumb:
Linda- I hope all goes well today (school, respite center, golf & husband's birthday). :warrior:
Fran- You sound so... bittersweet about the boys. I'm glad they are doing well. I hope difficult child figures how to build on this week's successes. Enjoy your Aunt Fam weekend. :smile:
LDM- Do you believe we reached 90 yesterday? Stay cool & enjoy the movie! :whew:
I'm keeping Duckie home this morning to see how she does. We went to B&N last night for an American Girl book club and didn't get home until 8:30pm. She had a tummy ache and then the power went out. She was scared and didn't fall asleep until 9:30pm (way late for her) despite having a flashlight as a night light. :rolleyes: Plus she had a little eye discharge and I want to run her the doctor to make she she doesn't have pink eye. Yuck. :ill:I'll let her go to school this afternoon if she's doing okay.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good morning to everyone before and after me.

Seems many difficult children have had "off" days recently. Hope this weekend goes smooth for everyone.

Find something beautiful to look at!



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Good idea about that itinerary - I'll do just that, I think - probably in Watercooler.

Fran, I'm so thrilled for difficult child! It sounds a lot like my difficult child 1 - desperate to do adult things, but still needs more support. But I see constant improvement, slow but still progressing. They do get there; they just take a lot longer.

Hi to everyone else - I've got to get myself to bed, I'm teaching a writing class tomorrow afternoon and I need my beauty sleep so I can keep my energy up.



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Marguerite, where do you teach classes?

I know difficult child may develop later but for much of the time there seems little hope that he will develop at all. Some is developmental delay but the oppositional stubborness is part of it too. It's good to see him hopeful.

TM, thanks for the good wishes. I don't think I'm so much bittersweet but reflective about the boys growing up and moving on. I'm actually excited about the future for me with adult or somewhat adult children(difficult child will always be a concern). In retrospect, we had great enjoyment in our role as parents and great anxiety with both sons for different reasons. Now a lot of what they do is with suggestions if they are asked for and sitting on my hands when they fall. We did our job. I don't want to live vicariously or be too involved in their adult world but instead continue on having a separate life.

I still have nephews 3 or 4 times a year to fuss over. :smile: and a new neice to be born in August.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Fran</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I still have nephews 3 or 4 times a year to fuss over. :smile: and a new neice to be born in August.</div></div>

<span style='font-size: 20pt'> <span style="color: #CC66CC"> A Girl!!!!</span> </span>
You will have so much fun with her, lol! :princess:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>The three sisters are planning on enjoying the difference in clothes. Lace socks, dresses etc. Thanks.
I'll be calling on you for girl suggestions. LOL</span>