Good morning Saturday!


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Good morning! :salute:
It's going to busy here today! I'll be at church for a few hours this morning for altar guild to prep for holy week, husband will bring Duckie to & from dance. We'll have lunch then meet up with a few playmates to visit the Easter bunny. I'll take the playmates back to the church with me for crafts for a few hours, then drop them off. Then it's dinner. Then I have a partylite party at my friends house.
I'm gonna need more coffee! :coffee:
Have a great day. :kisses:


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Phew, TM - your day sounds like a busy one! Yes, an extra cup of HMJ may definitely be in order.

I am up a bit early for me for a Saturday, but difficult child has a karate tournament this morning in a neighboring city. Waiting for husband to get up and make me a cappucino (sp?). Wish he'd hurry up! :wink:

Hope your Easter preparations go well.

Good morning - and Good Weekend to all who follow!!


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TM, sounds like your days are getting busier. I hope the Easter prep works out without giving you more work to do. You need to set up the coffee with IV.

Jamie, I hope you don't have to wait too long for the capuccino. I hope difficult child does OK at his karate tournament.

We had a busy day today - I needed to sleep in after last night's wedding, but difficult child 3 had to get more schoolwork done. Today's German work was to make a Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. I got easy child 2/difficult child 2 working to help him but I ended up pitching in more because I needed to get away by midday for a meeting on the mainland. And wouldn't you know it? Out of flour! Down to the store, try to not chat to people, rush home but we lost time. I ended up late to my meeting, cakes cooling in their tins until we got home this evening. Tomorrow we add the cream, cherries and grated chocolate for the photo finish. Also tomorrow - the Easter candle for church. The first pour, anyway. I'm hoping to get some wax paints on Monday from the craft shop in the city, so I can be more liberal with decorations this year. Normally I melt out coloured wax from cheese, pour it onto a slab, lift the wax carefully and cut out the shapes and letters before using hand heat to mould it onto the candle. And then hope little kids don't pick it off. Somewhere in there I need to ring the local doctor about setting up regular blood tests for mother in law once she comes out of hospital.

We had Earth Hour tonight - the first one. It's where as many people as possible turn off all their electricity for one hour (7.30 pm to 8.30 pm) to see how much greenhouse gases we can save the environment. Most of Australia uses coal-fired power stations, which is criminal when you think of the renewable resources we have - solar, tides, wind - and we burn black coal.
Tomorrow we find out from the power stations if it made any difference to the city's normal usage. Still, it was an interesting experiment for difficult child 3.

Have a fun Saturday.



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:salute: Good Morning everyone. We were hit with quite a storm last night. Lots of flooding around here. It's great to know that we are getting a little reprieve from the drought. Our bluebonnets are blooming everywhere and are beautiful.

TM,your days get busier and busier. Hope you are having fun.

Jamie, good luck for the karate tournament. Maybe you can sneak a nap in somewhere through the day.

Marguerite,sounds like difficult child 3 is making progress. You always have a lot happening in your day too.

difficult child and I got together for a bit yesterday. We filled another on line application for a job and watched one of his favorite movies.

It's going to be a peaceful weekend I think. I may go out to do a little easter shopping for the two teens.
I expect to be heading up to Pa. Monday if f i l is discharged from rehab.

I already got a work out in since I couldn't sleep so now my day is ready to begin. I just need a pot full of coffee.

Have a peaceful Saturday.

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Good morning friends,

TM, another busy day for you - I used to love volunteering at church. Enjoy your time today.

Jamie, have fun at the tournament today.

Marg, sounds like a fun science experiment - let us know the impact, if any.

Fran, a peaceful weekend sounds good.

kt is up & about playing quietly in her room. We've had to reinstall the security cams about the house. kt feels better when she's in her room & I can check in on the monitor in the kitchen. Small price to pay to lessen her anxiety.

Another rainy day today. I believe baking cookies for wm & grandpa is on tap for a dreary day.

"hi" if you snuck in.

Have a calm day - I plan on it.


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Good morning all. Busy today as usual for a saturday. Just got back from taking the dog to the vet. What a chore!!! He hates car rides. Lots of laundry, cleaning , etc. I don't get much done during the week with work and all.

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Good Morning,

TM-I'm tired just reading about your busy day. Enjoy!

Jamie-I hope the karate tournament goes well! My easy child only participated in one-she took a first but hated competing.

Marguerite-You sound very busy-sounds like you need a bit of me time.

Fran-Good for you for getting in your workout already-I love when I get mine in early. Sounds like a nice time with difficult child-crossing fingers he finds a new job soon. Enjoy the shopping.

Linda-Glad to hear kt is playing quietly. I agree if it lessens her anxiety it's worth it.

Tracy-I hope you find some down time today during your busy day.

I'm done with work and going to take a quick nap then to the health club. This afternoon I'm taking my car in for an oil change and hopefully getting another nap. husband is taking difficult child to a movie this afternoon. Tonight we're going out for dinner once difficult child is asleep and easy child can babysit. Spring break has begun! We're not going anywhere but difficult child will be at Afterschool two days and one afternoon of respite so it should be a peaceful break.

Enjoy your day! :flower:


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Since I am here, LOL- EVERYONE have a great Saturday!
Got my car fixed yesterday, spring break ends now.......back to books Monday. I am off to military base for a monthly shopping there.