Good Morning Sunday


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Happy Birthday, Sydney Harbour Bridge - 75 years old today!

Of course, we went nowhere near the place, watched it on TV instead. But it looked really great, all the people walking over the Bridge.

My workshop today - three teen girls and a teacher in her 20s. One or two others wandered in and out. I did the best I could in the hour that I had. I think they enjoyed it. Got home really tired, though. Maybe it was going up and down the stairs to get to this place.

It's late Sunday night - we just watched a movie about Joanne Lees, the girl who was abducted in the Outback when her boyfriend was murdered. They keep drawing parallels with Lindy Chamberlain, but I never considered that Joanne Lees was ever considered guilty by the Aussie media or the public. British press for sure, but not us lot. Not this time. But the telemovie was brilliantly acted, very well put together. The bloke playing the murderer - really scary. Brilliantly done. It also fits with every bit of news coverage I've seen of him, and of the case.

Back to school for difficult child 3 in the morning, then I'm taking easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the surgeon to discuss what he can do for her. Fingers crossed.

Have a good Sunday.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Happy Birthday to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I'm glad your workshop went well. I hope the surgeion can be of help for easy child/difficult child 2.

Yesterday was our big shopping day. Everyone got something. difficult child is going to wear a suit-have to say he looks quite handsome! easy child even got a dress when she went out with my niece. It's cute but looks a bit summery for this time of the year-my niece thinks she has a sweater easy child can wear with it. husband and I both got something but we still need to shoe shop.

Today it's church and a workout (I didn't get my work out in yesterday). I'm sure a nap will fit in and maybe a bit of shopping.

Enjoy your Sunday! :bath:


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Good morning, ladies,

Yes, Marg, Happy Birthday to the Sydney Harbor Bridge! I'm glad you got enough in for your hour.

Sharon, the nap sounds the best for a Sunday! Glad everyone got something from the shopping trip.

Well, the boys were with their father a whole hour until I got a call LOL! I specifically reminded Dylan and told DEX, watch what goes into Dylan's mouth. Well, Mr. Manipulator wanted something fattening. DEX said no. Dylan started flipping out. Well, funny he doesn't do that here, or in school, or with the babysitter. I finally told DEX if he didn't have the balls to stick to his guns just give it to him. What goes on in his house isn't my problem. We pick them up today at 3.

We enjoyed laying on the couch doing nothing yesterday. We got cable, and I must say, there is more garbage on TV than I actually ever realized. With the amount of money I have to pay for this thing, I'm not impressed. We were able to catch the VH1 Top 100 songs of the 80's though. We felt very old LOL! Bon Jovi and Living on a Prayer was the #1 song of the 80s. Not what I expected.

Hope everyone enjoys their day.



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Good morning.
Marg- I imagine it was a zoo by the harbor.
Sharon- I'm glad the kids are ready for the wedding. Shopping can be so difficult with kids.
Janna- I was shocked recently when I heard a song from my high school days on the oldies station. Time marches on.
Yesterday was a busy day: my brother and sister in law had stayed over Friday night, Duckie had dance and she & I had a crafting session at church. We went & saw my grandmother after crafts, my priest joined us to bless my grandmother & offer the family communion. Corned beef cooked in the crock pot all day. Bro & sister in law brought my great-nieces here for dinner. They left and I got Duckie down for bed late. I was cleaning up the kitchen and my cousin called. I went back to my aunt's house and my grandmother died just before 9:30pm.
She was surrounded by family and is finally at peace.


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Well it took difficult child and i about an hour and a half to dig out yesterday, the plow had us buried. We then went for the much needed coffee, and off to my moms to dig her out. Well difficult child didn't stop their he dug about eight people out, and made nine bucks, the bad part he was so tired for bowling. difficult child also landed himself a job last night, he will be working under the table at the bowling ally, cashing in the prize tickets and other small duties. He starts Friday night to train, then we'll see what he ends up with for hours. The owner has known difficult child his whole life so it should work out okay. He is so excited. Have a great day everyone!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends.
Happy Birthday to the Sydney bridge Marguerite. I'm sure it was quite the event

Wiped out sounds like the shopping went well.

Janna, pretty funny about Dylan knowing how to manipulate and ex not knowing what to do. Why get cable if you don't like it? I love the non regular channels. HGTV,Biography(watched a piece on Elton John, yesterday). I love shows like It Takes A Thief and Flip This House. There are a lot of shows that don't appeal to me but I think there is something for everybody. Personally I think TV is better (for adults) now than it ever has been but I sure hate all the commercials.

TM,glad that the family was there.

Razz, glad you got dug out.

difficult child worked Sat. and Sunday. It's a tough sell. He had "an incident" so he slept at our home. I will post about that in another thread. He is a lot of work. He does have an interview with another temp agency on Monday so hopefully he can get something a little more tolerable.

My baby brother was in town for the day so we all got together for dinner. It was a nice day.

Hope it's starting to warm up for you who are in the snow area.
Have a peaceful day. </span>

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Good morning family,

Marg, glad that your workshop went well.

Sharon, sounds like a successful shopping trip.

Janna, I watch a lot of the Discovery channels & History Int'l. Very little else.

TM, my condolences to you & your entire family.

Jen, sounds like you guys got a lot of snow.

Fran, I'm glad you had such a nice day yesterday. Hope things turn around for difficult child.

"Hi" if you snuck in - little slow this morning.

After an emotional day yesterday, we all slept in....kt is even now eating breakfast while reading the Sunday funnies.

I expect things will be more settled today. We have a flexible game plan for today. kt has spirit week this week & has to dress "wacky tomorrow" - she & I will be practicing wacky hairdo's.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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hi everyone,
Sharon, glad you got neat stuff when you were shopping. :smile:
Marg, glad you stayed home and didn't get involved in traffic jams, etc and were still able to enjoy the harbor event.
Janna, We got cable, and I must say, there is more garbage on TV than I actually ever realized. LOL! :laugh:
TM, corned beef... ohhh, I wanted some and never got it! :cry:
Razz, wow, Way To Go difficult child!!!! :grin:
Fran, so sorry about difficult child. I will watch for your post. :frown:
Linda, I can imagine how emotional, and draining, it was. Glad you can rest a bit today. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif

I've had most of the a.m. free. Went for a very nice walk with-the dogs. Yesterday I ran the kids around and was going to make myself a sign around my neck that said, "School bus driver."