Good Thursday Morning!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :xmasdancers: Good Morning Everyone :xmasdancers:

    One more day in the work week - hang on.....

    I'm saying good morning from my room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! Well, you can't really see it yet...... The boardwalk/beach light show was fabulous last night!!!! 35 Blocks of music and moving Christmas lights on the sand, on the boardwalk, and on the greens in front of hotels. I'm so glad I brought the kids to see it. We just chilled and watched tv together later. A good way to bring the holidays in :lights:

    You know where I will be since it's Thursday :geek: Payroll and Christmas bonus day. We'll leave here about 10 and I'll probably get into the office by 1.

    Wishing everyone a good Thursday :rudolph:

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Wow-what a great way to start winter break with your children! I'm glad the show last night was so good! :xmasdancers: Sorry you have to work today!

    Two days left before break-I can hardly wait! My class has been great but exhaustion is setting in! I can't wait to take my first nap. I plan on a lot of naps over the next two weeks. :sleeping:

    Tonight after school difficult child has a therapist appointment and wrestling. husband will take him to wrestling as I took him on Tuesday. I hope to go to the health club at that time but there is a lot of cleaning to do and difficult child's teacher gifts need to be wrapped. Oh yeah and easy child needs to bring something sweet to school and difficult child has to bring sprinkles so there definitely needs to be a trip to the grocery store in there somewhere. Can you see why I'm looking forward to my naps? :bloodshot:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :rudolph:
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, sounds like a beautiful view - I'm overlooking my side yard & I gotta tell you, it isn't that pretty. :smile: Enjoy your day.

    Finally 2 days in a row with nothing on the calendar. I've got to make a run to the pharmacy - wish I could get medications on the same schedule. Insurance companies are so very picky - I'd like to get medication pick up in the same week. Right now it's spread out over a 2 week period. I'm going to ask for samples to get this righted around.

    I'm going to attempt to get another batch of sugar cookies mixed upt this morning & in the freezer. kt & I plan on baking & decorating cookies this coming Sunday afternoon.

    A quick run through with the swiffer & the carpet sweeper this morning & I'm going to paint this afternoon. It's supposed to be a beautiful day & the light in my office area is always so pretty to paint by late morning/early afternoon hours. :painter:

    Enjoy your day - keep it calm out there. :flower:
  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, everyone.

    LDM/Sharon, the hotel room sounds lovely. I hope you and the family enjoy your stay.

    Wiped/Sharon, this is one year when the US and Australia break at the same time. Usually our kids finish school earlier than this. Enjoy t he wrestling - difficult child 3 was watching wrestling on TV this afternoon, watching with friends.

    Linda, try to get some rest. And I know what you mean about trips to collect medication - I was at the pharmacy yesterday afternoon, back there this morning for difficult child 1 to get HIS prescription filled! Plus I can use the time while waiting, to process the health insurance claims for the doctors.

    BF2's car - the registration has lapsed and we can't get it inspected until some work has been done on it. Looks like he and easy child 2/difficult child 2 will have to find something else to drive down to Canberra on Christmas Day. husband is really annoyed at BF2's father for letting this happen. Absolutely no excuse. But we're not saying that to BF2, we're just rearranging our cars so he and easy child 2/difficult child 2 can drive to work.

    mother in law flew to Perth today to spend Christmas with sister in law and family. A long, tiring flight. I've got my weekly house cleaning tomorrow, it's also the last day of the school year tomorrow and difficult child 3 reckons there's no point him actually doing any work. He does have a point - I'll get him to finish off a bit of work then put on some educational DVDs. Nothing on TV anyway. Then he can help me cook and get ready for Christmas.

    Have a good Thursday, everyone.

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning everyone. :santa:

    LDM, I love the little trip to make the holidays special. Now that we are in NC, husband and I are definitely going to make the trip to see the Biltmore all dolled up for Christmas. Just not this year.

    Linda, enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Marguerite, enjoy the end of the school year.

    easy child arrives today. We look forward to some time with him. He heads off to Florida to work in a week but we will enjoy him while he is here.
    difficult child needs a bit more paper work to be prepared for his adventure to NJ next week.

    Lots of hussle and bustle with deliveries and shopping happening all day long. ::money::

    The puppies got all dolled up and look 10lbs heavier after their bath and brushing. Pretty cute. :santa:

    Have a great day. Enjoy the journey.
  6. happymomof2

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    :coffee: Good Morning all, sounds like everyone has a busy day. I will take easy child to school, then to the post office to pick up our mail that still isn't being delivered. :grrr:

    This afternoon son has meeting with Mr. Mark. I think son is scared he is going to have to take a pee test. He admitted to smoking pot twice. Last time would have been mid November - he hasn't been out of my sight long enough since then to do it.

    Must get presents for easy child's teachers made up this afternoon. We did this last year and yes I know Teachers would rather have gift certs but like last year we are limited on funds. I have these plants called "crybabies". They are pretty cool. Made up a little poem to attach to tell what they are and how to take care of them. I put them in plastic cups and put Christmas tissue paper around them. One of her teachers last year was tickled to get it because she said she had one and left it out during a freeze and it died.

    Letting difficult child sleep in today. He is all finished with his schoolwork.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful day.