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okay, i'm tickled as i called this last week & i was right.

oh, oh oooooh. it was amazing.

see y'all in the a.m. for an in depth discussion!!!



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*****hands over mouth jumping up and down*****





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I feel so bad these are the nights a actually try and rush the kids to bed.... what bath??? Just use a wash cloth... Mommy has a date!!! :smile:


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<span style="color: #000066">removing hands from mouth. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

okay, let's dish.

derek just tore me up last night. he was so emotional. holding it together, but on the verge of breaking down.

derek sitting with-ellis. at first it looked like he was just trying to be closer to meredith, but no...he was waiting to tell her awf! tell her what a rotten mother she was & how she harmed meredith.....then he has to fight for her life.

loved thos final moments between meredith & ellis between lives. ellis telling her she was never ordinary. sniff.

i loved callie giving it to izzie. "you'll be the girl he used to know". you go, callie!! this is an aspect of izzie i'm not fond of. she tends to the judgemental. the more deeply she cares for a person...the harsher she can be when she doesn't approve. okay, yeah, crying when she could feel denny as she was leaving. sniff sniff.

so now wwe know why christine wants so badly to be a surgeon. she had to watch her father bleed out when they were in the car accident. she was only nine & could do nothing to save him. explains a lot about her personality, doesn't it. i don't think the others know that about her. they only know that her father died when she was young. wonder if meredith will remember that & say something to her. hmmmmmm.

another amazing writing job by shonda & the guy who wrote this episode. going to check the writer's blog now.

kris </span>


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Yes, Derek was......just.... amazing. When I see a "well" man cuddled in a hospital bed with a "sick" woman, it just makes my romantic heart positively swoon. First Burke (with Cristina when she lost the baby) and now Derek. double sigh.

And Cristina! We learned so much about her last night. I loved it that when she came back in, she caressed Meredith's feet. That just seemed like such a loving, gentle, personal thing to do.

Interesting twist at the end with Addison and McDreamy. 60 days of abstinence for both of them? Hmmm.

And good for Callie for laying it on the line to Izzie. And wasn't Denny just heartbreakingly wonderful?

Not to mention the bomb guy, "I did my job. You are still here" (or something like that)...

Fabulous episode. :sad:




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:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

WOW! Was that neat or what! This just keeps getting better and better!

So, in a way, Derek could be the one who really "saved" Meredith! He tells off Ellis and gets her to finally understand how she harmed Meredith ... Ellis tells Meredith in the "between life" transition that she is anything but "ordinary" ... and this, coming from her mother, makes the difference and Meredith decides that she should "come back"!
:crying: And the part at the end where Izzie could feel Dennys presence as she walked by where his spirit was standing ... I LOVED that part! So sad....

:surprise: And I LOVED the part where Christina "copes" by mindlessly going through the aisles of a dollar store and buying all that junk!

I'll be watching it all again tonight! It IS going to be on again tonight, isn't it???


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Yes about the "saving", Donna. Shonda has mentioned in a couple of her blogs that Meredith saved Derek when they met and now he saved her.

.....I still need a hankie when I think of what a great job Patrick did last night as Derek----those EYES! Amazing.

I was so afraid that Derek would feel that he *killed* Ellis and would become a tortured soul or something equally melodramatic. ugh. I'm soooooo glad that slant doesn't seem to be happening! :whew:



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Well, you guys said it all, I think. This was an absolutely FABULOUS episode! husband had the nerve to come in part way through and I had made a comment (to myself) about something being weird and he had the nerve to ask me. I said "this is a three parter and you haven't been watching, I'm not about to explain all of this to you now!" The nerve! :grin:


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Derek tells Ellis off and she dies so she can bring Meredith!!! I was afraid he would be tortured too Suz, but when Meredith said it was OK that made it OK for him.

I wonder if Meredith will tell Izzie she saw Denny and that he's OK and still loves her.



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<span style="color: #000099">think about it...mark's 60 days of celebecy would just about bring us to may....when addison would be inclined to consider leaving seattle grace. right up to the promised two parter in may about said decision.

patrick dempsey is an amazing actor. he blows me away every week. it was heartbreaking to listen to addison confess to mark that she & derek never had what he has with-meredith....and mark saying that's how he felt about her.

izzie feeling touching.

kris </span>


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I loved last night's episode. There were so many touching moments that I'm at a loss to even think about listing all of them. I was a blubbering mess by the end of the hour.

I, for one, am totally against a spinoff with Addison. First off, I do love her character on the show and would truly miss that. I think the spinoff show would bomb and it would also affect the success of the current show. Why ruin a good thing? Change is good sometimes, but in my humble opinion, it is too early to pull a character out of a successful show and try to make a whole new show out of it. Just my .02. I sure hope they change their minds and leave well enough alone.


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OMG - Excellent writing, excellent acting, excellent everything!

Izzy feeling Denny, bless his heart the way he gingerly walked Meredith through it all, especially when he urged her to go to her mom.

Callie taking Izzy on and letting her know what the deal is and God, the end when George walks away from her - Good. Finally. He actually has b@lls, surprise, surprise. lol.

Christine shopping at the dollar store, great. Drinking beers, Burke showing up, great. Holding Meredith's feet, great. Everything was great.

You know, I never really loved Patrick but after last night's performance I am in awe.

I don't want Addison to leave and get her own show - I think her presence on this one is important (like the way she was so supportive of Derek re: Meredith) and I think the writers could figure out a great story line for her within Greys.

Anyway, great show.


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I loved when George said, If I'm not making a mistake then you are going to feel like a fool and if I am then I'm going to need you...and I can't remember the end but it was great.



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Well, when Derek addressed Meredith's mother as he did and then, she had the heart attack and Derek tried desperately to save her ~ didn't he say at one point that Ellis was not dying on him, now? Indicating that Derek knew that Ellis was so manipulative that she would have tried to saddle Derek with the guilt of her death. And she did, really. And we don't know yet how that is going to affect Derek.

Definitely not one of Derek's finer moments.

It is interesting to think about how many times I have wanted to say something horrible to someone and have not done it. And how badly I felt about myself ~ about who I was ~ when I do say something nasty just for the sake of the nastiness, just to relieve the anger.

But how much worse would I feel if the person began to die when I did it.

At first, in my secret heart, I would be happy they were dying.

Then, I would try to save them, out of guilt.

Meredith cannot fix that for Derek by telling him everything is okay.

He did what he did.

It was interesting too, that Derek was shown in the waiting room, waiting like any other patient. Not a famous neurologist, not even a doctor, just someone another patient's realtive will pray for.

So there is something in this episode, at least for me, about who we think we are versus who we really are.

That would include George, too. He has grown up, and become someone better.

Derek was first portrayed as someone better, and now is being challenged ~ just as we all are challenged, and just as we all are changed, in our own lives.

Even when Meredith was running around in the death scene demanding something to help stop the bleeding for one of the dead patients ~ that was all about not having what we need to be who we think we are in the world.



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Ellis turned out to be my hero, after all! I loved when she said, "Run" to Meredith!

My husband was asking silly questions all the way thru, too. I had DVR'd it, so I could pause & whatnot, man is he lucky! (Of course, I can pause & rewind live tv too, but in the state of mind I was in, I probably wouldn't have realize it! :blush: )

Loved all the same stuff you guys did. When Christina came back and held Meredith's feet....WOW. Powerful memories of me with my mom.

And when Izzy felt Denny's presence...Words fail. I completely dissolved!

I didn't catch any coming previews? Do we have to bear several weeks of repeats, now?



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Barbara, I disagree somewhat about Derek. I believe he was saying what he did in his mind or in his secret heart but TV can't read minds so he said it outloud. If you believe that Derek's statement made Ellis die then why did she die? Because of his statement or because she wanted to save Meredith? I believe Meredith was telling Derek that she was at peace with her Mother's death and that made Derek at peace.



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No, Derek's statement didn't make Ellis die. But Derek was determined that Ellis was not going to die after he had said what he said, leaving him with the guilt of having said something that upset her enough that she began to die right then.

Ellis had elected not to have the surgery that would have kept her alive, isn't that right? So, she had already decided to die.

For someone that bitter, dying immediately after Derek had said what he said would be a final triumph.

That is why Derek said that Ellis was not going to die, NOW.

Or maybe I got that part wrong.

I will be watching that episode again tonight with everyone, to see whether I took that wrong or whether it even happened the way I thought it did.

And isn't it something the way the Chief told Ellis he would miss her, and that he had dyed his hair.



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<span style="color: #000099">you're right. ellis did say she did not want the surgery. however, just after she'd gone back into her alziheimer's state & before meredith knew she had regressed meredith told her mother that she had the power to consent or with-hold consent & that ellis would be having the surgery.

i think derek didn't want ellis to die when meredith's life was hanging in the balance....not because of what he'd said to her. he wanted ellis alive when/if meredith regained consciousness.

kris </span>