Happy Mother's Day to all of my SA buddies


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Hello all,

Sometimes I think we have it the hardest. At times, we have to turn our backs on our beloved children when it becomes too painful to stay in contact.

Sadly, I have my difficult child currently blocked on my phone to be able to keep my boundaries and protect myself. So she called my husband and asked him to wish me a Happy Mother's Day from her. He told her that she could tell me herself and brought me his phone. We had a pleasant short conversation and ended it with I love you's.

What a sad relationship we have. I hope someday I can have a close relationship with a loving, functional, sober adult daughter. For now, this is the best that I can do.

I hope that you all had a pleasant day.



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I thought of you all yesterday.... Mother's Day is so hard I think as we remember our hopes for our difficult children when they were little and look at where at least some of us are today! So hugs Kathy and to all of you where this is a very bittersweet day.

My day was actually pretty good. I played bridge in the afternoon which was something for me! Then my husband and daughter took me out to dinner which was fun and nice and it is good having my daughter home from college.

I felt a little sad that I hadnt heard from difficult child but wasnt all that surprised so was not going to let it get me down. However he did call at 930pm last night to wish me a happy Mother's Day and he told me he loved me which was nice. So we had a good but too short chat (he has to used quarters to call and runs out of minutes). I am thankful that he is in a safe place at least and that I didnt spend this Mother's Day worrying about him being on the streets!!!!


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Aww Kathy, I'm glad you had a short, pleasant conversation. Baby steps huh?

I feel guilty because this has actually been one of the nicest Mother's Days I've had. easy child came over and gave me my gift, tickets to Oprah's The Life You Want weekend in September in Michigan. I am looking forward to my girls weekend getaway. Then we met difficult child and her boyfriend for lunch/dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It was a lovely sunny day, one of the first we've had this year, and we had a wonderful time. The difficult child gave me a beautiful hanging flower plant. On the way home husband said it was certainly a nice change from previous Mother's Days. Then in the evening difficult child texted me to tell me that she is so grateful that we are close and that she would never be where she is today without me and that she can't begin to show me how much I mean to her....wow!


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Nancy, I love hearing that you had a wonderful day. It makes me so happy to see how far your difficult child has come. You did a great job using tough love and now you and your husband are reaping the rewards.

I hope all of us can have that happy day in the future!

Thanks for all of the hugs.



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HI Kathy,
I understand the bitter/sweet part for sure.

By noon I had not heard from either of my son's and I was livid! I kept recalling in my head ALL THE TIMES...ALL THE MANY WAYS...I have done this or that for them, visited in jail, prison, wrote lengthy caring letters...with my best wisdom. Exhausted myself mentally, emotionally, and physically all of their lives for them especially. Even going so far as to finally have a psychotic breakdown while oldest was in prison 7 yrs ago. And...nothing. No call No text.

I finally texted husband and said, I am tempted to totally disinherit both of our sons! Neither of them could think of me just this ONE day out of the year!

LOL, within mins I got calls from both difficult child's. I, of course, found out husband sent them texts saying, "Call your mother".
But it was nice to talk to oldest difficult child for nearly 45 mins...he and I rarely speak these days.
And both of them told me they loved me and I told them how much their calls meant and that I love them too.

easy child, my mother and I went out for lunch after my calls with the boys and easy child gave me a Corinthians (love verses) plaque.

Sigh...Maybe next year my difficult child's won't have to be prompted by their dad...but ya, easy child came about THIS close to inheriting everything we have left someday! lol


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Happy Mother's day to you all!

I spent mine babysitting because Marina worked a double. But I woke up to a wonderful post from her on Facebook praising me. husband got us both flowers. :) I spent some time in the pool with Connor and my son. And I talked to my mother for the first time in a long time. While there is still some negative feelings there for me, I know she won't be around forever and she is my mother. She did a lot of good despite her poor poor choices in men.
So while it was a quiet one, it was probably the best one, yet, simply due to the lack of drama!

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Nancy, tears here. How amazing is that????

Kathy, I feel very sure you will both one day look back on these days and be so grateful they are behind you.

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