Hmmmm...guess who has cancer?


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Good Grief, Marcie. I'll be saying a prayer for you. Like you, lol, I'm not a wimp. I can do it. Hugs DDD


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This is my "last post" regarding the surgery etc. Having you all there has helped. My plan is set and I will be having surgery on the 17th out of town, am expected to be in the hospital until the 22nd or 23rd. :angel:THEN, lol, my easy child RN is going to pick me up from the hospital, drive me home and babysit me for a week. How's that for a plan??

I will post on the 15th or 16th so you can initiate your cyber prayer circle. I do appreciate each of you.

Meanwhile......let's get back to difficult child topics and forget about medical junk. OK? DDD


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Sorry I couldnt respond earlier. I could not remember my password. I am praying for you and your family. You are so strong and positive about this. You are amazing.


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I'm glad you decided to have the surgery. Since you've been so proactive and having all the tests done at the right time, this should be caught early enough that you should have no trouble beating this at all. Sending a big mushy hug!


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I am inspired by how you deal with life with humor and courage. I know you will face this new path with integrity, strength and wisdom. I send you prayers and hugs and hopes that your healing is swift and complete. And as one grandma to another, let those around you nurture you back to health.........


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OK, you got your last post so we get ours too, right?? LOL..... Will just keep you in my thought bubble-mini juju, until surgery and then will pour out the major juju at surgery time! Try to have a little fun and distraction if possible in the mean time. I just found the best place for people going thru stuff, initially designed for people facing challenges like you are facing, and it is all free no matter the income level of the person/people. All staff are certified/licensed and background checked and the only records kept are the legal papers required saying this is what we offer and you accept the terms--no treatment records or anything like that so no one so it is very private.

I wonder if there is anything like that around you... individual and group options, meditation, massage, acupuncture, writing programs, lots of those tai chi (sp?) types of things, classes in anything you can imagine and lots of other stuff like an art room and library. All intended to help along side of the medical journey. It is for significant others too, so if you see anything like that check it out, it is really cool. I went to my orientation yesterday and since it is for caregivers too (and they dont check or ask for specifics so really anyone can go) there are a lot of cool things that might help reduce stress and help with any kind of healing.


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Sounds like a sound plan. Good luck and I will be watching for updates. You are wise enough to do the research and make the best decision you can for yourself.