I almost passed out


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Mother in law (aka difficult child mother in law) called and said she is coming to visit us this summmer. :surprise: husband wrote down dates, he wrote down arrives Aug 16, leaves Sept 31. I think my heart stopped. Later as I was talking to her and confirming the dates, she really leaves Sept 1. :dance: I was considering having lots of nites out with the girls, maybe daily? If she was going to stay 6 weeks. I have a difficult child husband, difficult child, difficult child dog, and a moody preteen dtr. Add to it a mother in law who is very anxious and god knows what else, and I start to lose it. :crazy:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Wow, you have every reason to want to pass out. Remember the adage? Guests are like fish. No matter how wonderful they are the first day by Day 3 they all start to smell.
Surviving long term guest burn out requires me to have breaks from the constant company during the day. I'm with you- get out a lot. </span>

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:smile: :surprise: That is a really long time! Actually I could handle my mother in law for that long but not my own mom!

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You can save up several errands to do while she visits to give you an excuse for a break. Have a girl's nite with your friends.

I'm as lucky as Sharon. I've lived for many months at a time with my mother in law. I adore her and we get along wonderfully. Now if my Mom were coming for that long I'd be needing the smelling salts. :faint:


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How interesting. I have actually lived with my Mom after I moved out, that is a fluid term. mother in law drives me nuts. No boudaries, rearranges my whole house, even cleaned my bedroom. She sleeps in a nightgown with no underwear, and neither child will let her sleep near them now as they both saw too much. She will have to sleep in the living room on an air mattress. Not fun, as I sleep on the couch 1/2 the time when husband is too sore and needs the whole bed. She is so anxious it drives me nuts, and very immature. She cannot have a conversation without changing the subject several times. I think she has more than anxiety going on, but no way am I bringing that up. She has had a very hard life on top of it all.

This too, shall pass.


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You're braver than I am. Jeesh. I can't think of a single candidate that I would want as a house guest that long - let alone my mother in law. :surprise:

Funny story - my mother in law and father in law came to stay a week with us a few years ago and our cat, Bruce, decided he did not like the intrusion and sprayed their stuff - suitcases, the sleeper sofa they were sleeping on - everything. It was horrible. Our house smelled so bad that you woke up tasting it. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif

It was a bit funny at the same time - mother in law can be overwhelming to the strongest of us. It was almost worth having to pull up two room's worth of carpet and replacing the couch. Hee hee.

A few months later, I sent mother in law some pics of their stay here and put a picture of Bruce in the middle of the stack. On the back I wrote "Grandma, I miss you - when are you coming back to visit me? Love, Bruce". LMAO :rofl: She didn't think it was as funny as I did.

Come to think of it, probably neither did Bruce - we had him fixed, as the vet said that was the only way to get him to stop spraying. :grin:

Good luck - and I agree - try to find as many errands and plan as many day trips as you can during that time frame to keep yourself as sane as possible!
You're definitely going to have your hands full!!! in my humble opinion, the best thing you can do, is to schedule some "me" time away from your family while your mother in law is visiting.

At least the bright side is she's leaving Sept. 1st, not Sept. 31st!!! :dance: :smile: :dance: :smile: If you need us while she's visiting, we'll be here... :flower: WFEN
Jamie, :rofl: I think Crazymama30 needs to borrow Bruce :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:!!! I'm sure your mother in law still "cherishes" Bruce's picture :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:@!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! WFEN


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You know, when I think about it - my in-laws have never been back to visit us since that last stay!!

Perhaps instead of taking good ol Bruce to the vet, I should have rented him out!! :rofl:


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One time when she came to visit years ago on of our dogs bit her. I sure have felt like doing that. :devil: She was playing with one of the kids and the dog thought she was too rough.

Now we have the same dog, and another one that has quite a few quirks. I am not sure how he will take her, and may have to find a pet sitter while she is here. She is jumpy and loud (as loud or louder than difficult child) and dog does not like that.

I am sure I will need to vent several times, so look out.

Is Bruce available, or did the spraying stop? How much would it cost to ship him to Oregon????? :thumb:


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Sadly (for you - not for me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif) the alteration made at the vet did the trick - poor Bruce. lol. Not sure how much it would cost to ship a kitty cross country - but I haven't been on a good road trip in a while - could've been fun. :rofl:

Vent away - looks like we all will understand!

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Yikes! That is a LONG time!!!! My mother in law never stayed longer than one afternoon. I could never have taken more than that from her. Oh, that's right. The entire family (husband's 5 sisters and brothers, spouses and kids) used to tent camp for years with husband's mom and dad for 2 weeks in the summer. I HATED it!! His mom was so bossy! I hope your mother in law does not boss you around. Maybe you could have lots of appointments during that time....hair, dentist, doctor, you get my drift. :wink:



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Sue, she is not bossy, but passive aggressive. Very emotionally immature. I am not sure if she would have the nerve to try to boss me around.

It will be the last term of summer classes, so I will have to study a lot. Try continually?

Thank you all for understanding. Thank god she lives in the midwest and we live on the west coast. She keeps saying we should fly the kids out to stay with her. I do not think they want to , and we cannot afford it.


I have no in-laws. From the conversations my sisters and brothers have, to the conversations friends and aquantances have..haven't figured out if that is a good thing or not.

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I like the old adage too. :bravo: Until this past year I loved my mother in law. :kisses: Then I think she had a tough time dealing with my Alzheimer's father in law and putting him in a home. :surprise: Now, I think she is a psycho-says I keep telling her she doesn't do anything right. She is turning into her mother-even my mother in law wouldn't talk to her own mother by the time she passed. :smile: Unfortunately, my husband is one of 3 boys and the other boys aren't going to care for mother in law when she is old and weird, so I guess I am stuck with that. :hammer: I must be nuts.