I dared fate and lost.....

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    Or in different words, I opened my big mouth and said OUT LOUD, "Ant's doing pretty good for Ant." That's all it took. With in 3 days "Boom!" Ant is now trying out for position of difficult child King! Uhg!!!

    He's having major attitude issues (makes me think he's using again or he's just having Dry Addict issues). He quit his job. If you are interested in his story, he quit because they were going to fire him at the end of the month because he only sold 2 cars. And anyways, his boss spent the every day saying horrible things to him, like "you make me sick". Oh and his boss is going to give him a lousy reference. If future jobs call, he's going to tell them that Ant's a lazy worker.

    Anyways, Ant quit his job Sunday, husband called him and said he wanted to talk to him on Monday. Ant shows up 5 minutes before husband leaves for work. For the next 15 minutes those two went at it. Ant is so full of difficult child stuff. husband wanted to talk to him about how is Ant going to make his car payment..... We heard all about how he's 21 now...Not until November, but whatever. He's totally responsible for his Stuff (he used a different s-word). ...ummm, we pay for your cell phone, you get a HUGE discount on your car insurance because you are on our plan, you live in our house for free - yeah, I see how he's taking care of all his own Stuff.

    I'm letting husband take care of Ant. It's his turn. And Ant better watch out because husband is ready to kick Ant out and cut him off for good. The kids on thin ice and doesn't even realize or care? Whichever. I think husband is giving Ant a couple of weeks to prove himself or hang himself. It should be fun.

    I refuse to deal with Ant. I'm home alone at night. husband left for work last night and I had an angry difficult child in my house. I turned on the TV and watched a moving and didnt' get involved. With no further fuel from me, Ant had a friend pick him up and he was gone for the evening. That was much better than me dealing with him.
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    Sorry it "went South" after coasting along for awhile. I know you are sick of the rollercoaster. It really does get nauseating. Hugs. DDD
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    (((HUGS))) doesn't seem like being back at home is helping him...I am so sorry hon!!
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    Sounds so familiar. Sorry. That is always the way it goes when we let Cory come home. 3.3 weeks and its all over. He reverts to a 14 year old again. Sigh.
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    I'm glad you're taking a much deserved breather and are letting husband deal with Ant from here on out.

    There is something about an adult child moving home again, before a certain state of maturity kicks in, that turns them right back into acting like an over grown kid. ugh
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    I'm feeling your pain as Kat and KK are back in my house right now. Kat is doing somewhat better, but is an idiot about 50% of the time. I just wish she really was dumb (as in low intelligence, not acting dumb, which she does a lot) because then I wouldn't expect any more out of her and it would seem fine. So basically I just somehow raised a rude, immature idiot. At least she still has her job and is still going to school part-time. For her that's like attending Harvard and working full-time as a brain surgeon. OK, I'll stop. Can you tell she's getting on my last nerve?

    Enjoy it when you get the house to yourself. Save your sanity and let husband take over. You deserve a break!
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    Does the company have an HR dept? No matter what I thought the laws were that they are not allowed to give a neg. reference, only dates hired and if you would hire them back or not. I am not an hr person but I know where I have worked they will only give dates hired and dates left because of legal issues - not wanting a law suit. They will only give written recommendation letters if agreed to by the person who is applying for the job and that person has to check that they want to see the ref. or not. I doubt he would list this guy as a reference anyway, but I was just wondering.
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    I'm sorry things went downhill. Hugs.
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    So sorry it is back to the same 'ol same 'ol. Good for you staying out of the fray! -RM
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    That is exactly right.
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    As far as the HR dept.....

    First, we have to believe Ant is telling the truth about what his boss said. I think I'd rather spend money on the ocean front property in Kansas before I take Ant at his word.

    Most likely what happened is that Ant's boss told him what he would tell a potential employer as a way of pointing out where Ant's weak points were and why Ant was being let go. But for it to work, Ant would have to accept responsibility for his actions and that will never happen.

    Ant still refuses to accept his responsibility for his TWO MIPs! He thinks it's stupid that they are still holding him accountable since he will be 21 soon. So the courts should just let it go.

    Unfortunately, all the years of school where he let things go and they finally went away (because the quarter/year ended) he thinks that these will go away too. The boy has a long road ahead of him.