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    I was supposed to take McKenzie to her first pageant yesterday but I couldnt because I made a huge mess up. I didnt get very much in donations..lol. I didnt plan well in advance which is just my style. I didnt find out well in advance and oh well. Good thing too. Tony gave me his change jar to pay for it. I took that into my bank and it had $238.33 in it. The bank put that in one of those little bank envelopes and I put that in my purse. Im sure of that. I remember putting it in my purse and walking out the door.

    As I was getting in the car, Tony called me to tell me his youngest brother was going to be arriving at our house at any minute and I needed to go straight home so I did. No stops. So the envelop had to still be in my purse...no way it could leave my purse between the bank and my house since I didnt go anywhere. I took my purse out of the car and into the house. I cant honestly tell you at that point where I sat my purse down when we got in the house then. Im thinking on the couch next to me since I doubt I went in my room. I think I probably made me a diet coke and set my purse on the couch. Now I have no fear that this brother would steal. He is the good brother.

    Took Ziva to Cory's but didnt stop anywhere between my house and his and I stood in his front yard and my purse was left in my car. I never left sight of my car and no one went near it. I was 20 feet from my car at all times. Also no one knew this money was in my purse.

    I went to Walmart today to pick up some pictures and the money was gone. It had never left that little bank envelope. I never even opened it to count it. You have no idea how badly I am kicking myself for not having it put into my bank account. I didnt lose my debit card. The thing is....other things werent stolen that could have been. I had a bottle of morphine in there. I had two prescriptions for morphine.

    I can only think it fell out in my house somewhere. I dont believe anyone has been here to steal it. I really dont think I have been anywhere for it to fall out but here. And no, Buck hasnt been here. He knows his brother is here and they dont like each other. Buck wouldnt come within 20 feet of my house with Van here. Tony is mad as hell at me. He was willing to let me use the change for the pageant but now I am going to have to grovel to him because my car taxes are due and I have to get it inspected so I can do the registration. He is going to say no I just know it. Especially since the cable bill is due half this week and half next week. we have been fighting over money all month.

    Please pray I find this money. I am not letting him take any trash out until I go through it. then I am gonna sit down on my bedroom floor with a trashbag and start picking up paper piece by piece. That should be fun. It is so bad. Tony does tend to just toss my purse at me but I have a really big purse that stuff doesnt tend to fall out of. I just dont know. I am gonna be extremely ticked if I found out he did this to me as payback for that hundred bucks he thinks I stole from him. Only reason I even think that is he is oddly calm. He first said, you better not be saying one of my brothers stole it but when I said I am certainly not saying that, he calmed right down and said...well I am sure you will find it in the house. Just wait.
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    Take a trashbag out to your car. When Tony called you, you had the money. When someone calls me I tend to lose my train of thought while I'm on the phone. Throw away any trash, maybe it's in the car.

    You had your bag in Wal-Mart, could someone have stolen the money from it? Was it just on top? If you looked at something and had the bag in your cart, in the blink of an eye, it could have been taken. Someone stole a similar envelope from me in the supermarket once, I didn't think it left my eye--the laugh was on them because all that was in it was coupons, but someone took it.

    Tony wouldn't take it, Just start cleaning things up, it's got to be in the house. Does your purse have side pockets zippered inside? Did you put it in there? I hope you find it soon. Ask Corey to search his yard, maybe it fell out when you got out, it could have blown a little.

    Sending ju-ju, unless someone stole it at Wal-Mart, it's somewhere close by. They have cameras at Wal-Mart, they can go back to the time and place where you were and watch your bag on tape.
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    Thats a good idea about the camera's at walmart. Billy was with me and I dont think we got a cart which is where I would have put my purse in the top of the cart. No Im sure we didnt because we didnt stop at the entrance. We just walked straight back to the electronics. I think I just kept my purse on my arm while Billy stuck his flash drive in the computer thingy to get the picture made. I noticed it when I took my purse off my shoulder to pull out the money. Thing is this probably wouldnt have happened if I hadnt cleaned out my purse recently because it was full of junk and heavy as lead. I had a ton of papers and junk in there so stuff just stayed where it was put. Now the dumb thing is like the Grand Canyon and I can hardly feel it when I am carrying it. I have to keep feeling inside it for my wallet and stuff to make sure I have what I need in there because it doesnt feel heavy enough. I hate purses!
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    Prayers said.
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    Saying a prayer Janet. I have a feeling you'll find it though, unless someone lifted it at walmart.......which with an empty purse you would've felt someone trying to reach inside.

    I have done similar, even long before the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) issues. I stopped carrying money in my purse for that reason, it goes into my front pocket deep down where it can't fall out. (I buy pants/shorts/ capris that way) It also prevents anyone from stealing my cash. It just looks like I'm broke when they grab my purse.

    I know it's a lot of money, but just take your time and try not to get flustered while looking.

    That said, I found a hundred dollar bill in a pair of jeans the other day. The bonus to carrying cash in your pockets and not in your purse. lol

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    Sending you calm, detective energy so that you can recall where the envelope is. Look everywhere in the car and house, in the couch cushions, under the bed, odd places like that.

    Once I returned from the bank with a bunch of cash and I usually put the cash into a drawer in my closet. The next day when I counted it, a few hundred was missing. I knew that I had simply taken the money from the bank envelope and put it into the drawer so I presumed the bank gave me the wrong amount (which has never happened by the way) So, I called the bank, make a formal inquiry and assumed that was the case. That next night I am grabbing a pair of shoes out of the closet and to my shock, there in my sneaker are a bunch of hundred dollar bills! I can't even imagine how that happened since the bills were in an envelope, but there they were! So, I had to go down to the bank and do a formal apology to the teller, I felt like a big dope, I told her I found the money in my shoe. Geez.

    I was preoccupied as you were, so in that case, we are capable of doing anything. Look in under the car seats too and between the seats. You'll find it, it has to be in the house.

    Lots of board ju ju coming your way to find the money today....................
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    Janet, you would be amazed at how good a pick-pocket can be with something that is as easily recognizable and grab-able as a cash envelope from the bank. If you didn't actually see it after you put it in your purse at the bank, I'd ask the bank to check their security cameras.

    Those change machines make a HUGE amount of noise and people have to stand around and wait. Someone could have seen what you were doing and just waited for their chance. They didn't know you had narcotics in your purse, but they sure knew you had an envelope full of cash sitting right at the top of your purse.
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    Fingers crossed. I guess Billy doesn't remember? Hugs DDD
  10. FlowerGarden

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    Keeping my fingers crossed, too, in hopes you find it!
  11. DammitJanet

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    Billy never saw me get the money. This whole thing happened in less than 24 hours. I was at the bank at approximately 4:30pm on Friday. I could swear I verified the money was still in my purse sometime Friday night but I cant remember exactly when because I thought my purse felt so light and I scrounged around in there and it was there. Or I think I did. I have no clue where I was when this happened. Hopefully home.
  12. tiredmommy

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    Check between your passenger side door and front seat, I'm forever finding lost things from my purse there. Also, check on top of the fridge.
  13. DammitJanet

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    I am gonna scour the car again because of taking the dog to Cory's that night. that really makes me think she could have nudged that purse around in the car while being scared because she had never ridden in one before. I did check the top of the fridge just in case Tony didnt know what it was though I have no idea how he wouldnt know. He is really being an ass about this. Now he is refusing to give me grocery money for this week or any other money even though this had nothing to do with our regular weekly money. This money came from a change jar that we both chunked change in every time we brought change home. Yeah he put more in than I do because I tend to use my debit card but I always cleaned out the bottom of my purse and put my change in there too. But is had nothing to do with his paycheck this week and it should have nothing to do with paying this weeks bills. I asked him to give me money for groceries and he said to find my money. Sigh. If I had not lost it, I wouldnt have it to spend on groceries!
  14. 1905

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    You verified the money was in your purse, maybe during that time you took it out and put it in another thing, like maybe your wallet or a drawer and now the envelope is gone, but the money is really in something else. Think back so hard to the time when you are verifying this money was still there. Where were you and what did you do directly afterward. Maybe you went and got a drink and the money is in with your drinking glasses, for example. This is something I do all the time and so does husband. Is it in with your pageant stuff?
  15. buddy

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    Prayer said. That is a sickening feeling as a single person, I can't imagine the feeling from how Tony is acting. I'm so sorry. I usually find things days later in my car ...where I swear I already had looked. I hope that happens for you. Hugs ....
  16. TerryJ2

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    I've been holding my breath reading this thread (I finally exhaled so I could type). My only suggestion is to STOP LOOKING FOR IT.
    It will turn up when you least expect it to. Never fails, for me, at least.
    I can't tell you how many times I've done this. The most recent was 5 min. ago, trying to sign onto to Office Depot's Life Rewards Program. I signed in with-my card, the screen said that my password, email address and ph # didn't match, I reached for the 1-800 # ... and the card went missing.
    Scoured my office, the trash, etc.
    Finally found it in front of my computer monitor, backward, IOW, the # is on the back, which is b&w. I was looking for the red and white design on the front. SIGH.

    I'm thinking it's either in the car or on the couch. Strangely enough, if you were really stressed, it could be in the fridge with-your Coke, if that's where you got the Coke. Just saying, if you're like I am ... still, my bet is that it's in your car. And it may be sitting vertically, which is hard to see, IOW, not flat.

    Sending Board JuJu!!!

  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Wherever it went? I wouldn't grovel .........lost, taken, vengence.......it's gone. That's that....and you wouldn't find me puckering up over ONE mistake I make to balance the scales for several mistakes by others. Put the chapstick back in your purse and figure out how to pay the taxes.....together.

    Hugs to you dear one.
  18. Jody

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    I hope you find it, look in between the two front seats, if you have one of those storage type things. I had just cashed my paycheck and the envelope fell in between there and actually fell inside the stupid thing. I never looked there because I never put anything in there or store anything in there. I knew that it was in the car though because I missed it right away. The girls and I tore up that car and they found it.

    I have to stop everything that i am doing when I am putting something away, that is important or I will never remember where i hid it, sometimes, i will right it in my date book, the exact hiding location but not the item. That helps me since i have had memory issues.
  19. DammitJanet

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    Well...I found it...and you will never imagine where it was. In my purse.

    There is no way it was there the whole time. No way.

    Billy and I just went to Walmart again to get a few things with the money Tony left me today and as I reached in my purse, low and behold....right on top of my wallet was THE ENVELOPE. I looked at Billy...he looked at me...and we both said...Oh no way!

    See, on Saturday when I noticed the money missing, I took everything out of my purse and dumped it on the counter. I turned the lining inside out. There is no way anything could have stuck to the inside of that purse.

    I never touched my purse at all on Sunday because I was so depressed that I stayed in bed all day and either slept or watched TV. Tony went out to eat with his brother for lunch then left me alone most of the day. He was in and out of my bedroom though. I didnt go with them to lunch. I slept.

    I know he had to either find it in the car or he took it deliberately. My theory is he may have found it in his brother's car unless he has just lost his mind and is trying to drive me crazy. If he found it in his brother's car I have no clue why he wouldnt just tell me though. Maybe he is the one who is going crazy. I really think his behavior is beginning to move towards to strange side.
  20. recoveringenabler

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    That's weird! I'm glad you found it though.............