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    The kids and I went to run a few errands this morning. We stopped at a BIG garage sale next to the bank (great place to have one, in my opinion!!) I fought a migraine all night and while I was fine to drive, I was not really paying attention to other people once I stopped. It was my first yard sale of the year and I just wanted to browse and enjoy my kids.

    Well, my bro was there. I didn't recognize his truck because he didn't have the trailer attached. AND he was NOT where I could see him.

    I had just started looking through the clothes outside and heard my niece's voice. I looked up, went over and gave her a big hug and a kiss (our usual greeting). Then I went to bro and said Hi, I didn't see you when I pulled in. I have been a little foggy. How are you? (I even gave him a HUG - he was NOT real open, but didn't say much). His truck wouldn't start, and I offered to help if I could. He said he was here when I pulled up. He was clearly trying to get a reaction. Then he said Dad was coming, I should just "go about my business".

    After I looked outside, my niece wanted to go inside with us. I went over to my brother and asked if that was OK. He was not comfortable, but said OK. Niece kept going back out to "tell her dad something REALLY IMPORTANT". Each time she wanted a kiss and then told him it would all be better soon, she would take care of him. He hugged her and kissed her and sent her back to play. Once he sent her to play behind the business having the sale, because he clearly didn't want her inside playing with me and my kids.

    Just before my Dad pulled up, bro told my niece she had to go sit in the car so she didn't "bother aunt susie". My NIECE told me she hoped she wasn't a BOTHER.

    My dad came, played with her for a little bit, and then sent my niece and bro to his house in his car. He had the truck towed to his house so he could help figure out what was wrong and fix it.

    Hang on to your hats, if just seeing me at a garage sale was enough to bug him so that he told my niece she was a bother to me, I can only wonder what stunt he will pull tonight at the ballet.

    On a really great note, my mom got tickets to the Ballet for a group of us family. I get to go see the Chicago Ballet perform Cinderella at the University!!!!! I haven't seen a ballet in 17 or 18 years, I am so excited!!

    I have to work more than I would like to move past bro's behavior. I do worry that he will do what he can to keep my niece from seeing me. But, he is her father, it is his call.

    AND I called a friend I had lost touch with today. Decided that the depression has taken enough out of me. She is having some depression issues, and didn't feel up to the ballet, but we ARE getting together next week.

    Here is to the monkeys swinging around the family tree, innocent children, and renewing old friendships!


    PS. I am pulling out my Serenity Prayer. I am going to type it in a nice font, print it out and tape it in places I will see it freqently. AFTER I chart it and start to cross stitch it!!
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    Wow! I'm glad you were able to see them, even if bro was not so welcoming.

    As a kid I was in the neice role in that type situation. My Mom has a love/hate relationship with my fav aunt. Fav aunt to this day has never figured out why. It was not fun, but nothing my Mom ever said about my aunt stuck. Slid off my back like oil on water because even as a child I knew the truth. Your neice does too. Kids are fair more observant and smarter than we give them credit for.

    The ballet! You know, I think I'd like to go just once in my life. But then I've been dying to go to an off broadway production for years and years and never made it yet. lol I was depressed for a year after missing The King and I! I am soo jealous. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Does neice get to go to the ballet too??