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  1. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    Well, I will never ever ever complain about our warm winters again.

    I'm from So. Fla and we've had basically a "real" winter for one week now. This is like a record of some kind for us. In fact, coldest weather we've had for decades.

    Last night I went out to the food store and people were bundled up and laughing at one another 'cause they have NEVER seen folks in heavy jackets a/ hoods before here.

    I do NOT own gloves and had trouble driving the car. Correction: I did own one pair for travelling to other places, lost one, and never replaced it. Dar n. How I wish I had replaced those gloves NOW!

    There was SNOW in central Fla. the other day and snow flurries in FT. LAUDERDALE area last night. I bet the tourists were grumbling.

    I've got to hand it to you guys who live up north or in parts where it gets very very cold. This stuff is brutal!

    Okay, here is a laugh....our version of the snowman:
  2. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    I feel really bad for the south right now... you just aren't accostomed nor prepared for cold temps and wintry weather. I especially feel bad for the homeless people, stray animals and wildlife. I hope the cold snap breaks quickly.
  3. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    You are SO right.
    Yesterday, difficult child went outside with sandals!
    Lord, give me strength.
    We WARNED her that it was going down to 30 degrees.
    Nothing. Nada.
    She was waiting at night for the bus, called us CRYING HYSTERICALLY.

    Anyway.....cute photo/link right?

    Let's name the little guy.:D:tongue:;)
  4. ML

    ML Guest

    I'm still adjusting to Colorado after 15 years as I lived in S. Cal for most of my adult life. so much prefer summer. The thing I miss most was the ability to stay active outdoors all year round. Thinking of you my Nomad friend.
  5. ScentofCedar

    ScentofCedar New Member

    Aww...what a cute little snowman, Nomad!

    It's the funniest thing. When we lived up North, thirty below zero was cold. Anything else, and life pretty much went on as usual. Now? Fifty degrees is terribly cold, and anything less, unheard of! The only reason husband and I have warm coats and decent shoes is because we come down from the North. Trust me, we are using those things, now!

    Stay warm, everyone. For us at least, this is almost over.

  6. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I feel for you Floridians. When I taught there (two years right out of college) I didn't even own a coat!

    We haven't gone about freezing for 5 days or so which is very unusual for Georgia. Luckily we do have heavy coats, gloves, and scarves since we do usually go down into the thirties at night during January and February. We just aren't used to have those as our highs!

    I just commented to someone at school Thursday that I finally realized that scarves are not just decoration. They actually help when you wrap them around your neck. LOL


    I like your little bitty snowman. I think we should name it Bitsy.

  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    That snowman is so cute! Actually, here in Northern Minnesota, it has been too cold to build a snowman. The snow will not stick - we need to warm up a bit.

    We have had -20 degrees with dangerous wind chills of -40 and lower. Today we have a high of 18 and low of 8 so we are feeling very warm indeed (though we will still wear winter coats and should wear hats and mittens).

    I put on facebook that I was looking for a way of getting out of work for the winter months. A friend replied that I should have a baby but I am way too selfish for that. Also, that will not help until next winter (if I time it right) and will only get me out of one winter.

    I feel sorry for those in the South who are totally unprepared for cold weather. Did I hear right that heating companies are in high demand since your heating systems were not made for the cold weather you are having now? Can you even purchase winter coats and hats and mittens anywhere?

    When I was in Florida January 2004, I did see Floridians wearing what we would consider Fall/Spring jackets (50 degrees was not cold enough for us to wear jackets) but these would not help 30 degrees.
  8. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    I like the name Bitsy!!!!

    Went to the stores today...all mittens/gloves are sold out.

    Same with space heaters (was thinking that difficult child might need one). Last night, she slept with the oven open and on. Ugh!

  9. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    When I lived in Florida as a kid, we felt the same way! If it hit 40 degrees, we thought we were dying! Nobody really had a lot of heavy winter clothes. I remember pretty much wearing the same clothes year round and if it got a little chilly, you just threw a jacket on over it. And, back then at least, houses weren't built for cold weather. The houses we lived in all still had the old jalousie windows that you could crank open and closed!
  10. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    Wal-Mart and Kohl's up here (N. Central WI) are already clearancing their winter clothing and displaying warm weather clothing.

    This happens every year. If you want to get winter clothing and have any decent selection, you wind up having to buy seasonal clothing in the previous season.

    It's insane.
  11. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Dang! We aaaaaalmost made it above freezing today, made it all the way up to 30 degrees! But now it's getting dark and it will start getting colder again! Tomorrow is supposed to be better though.
  12. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    I don't want to scare you but that's a recipe for disaster. Many people end up with fires or carbon monoxide poisoning from doing things like that. :wildone:
  13. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    I agree. That's incredibly dangerous. i HAVE in emergencies, used an oven for an hour or so to add heat, but you have to be awake and right there.

    Actually, space heaters (I am talking electric, NO Kerosene indoors) that come with timers that turn off before scheduled bed time are probably the best bet.
  14. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    Yep, sounds dangerous to me.

    difficult child is moving yet AGAIN on Tues. The current place does not have a reverse cycle AC (no heat) and the toilet broke and it seems the landlord has major plumbing problems she can't afford to fix.

    The landlord likes difficult child a lot. However, as per usual, difficult child has done some weird things already and the landlord has taken note. Landlord is so hard up for the extra money and likes difficult child soooo much, she is willing to put up with much (at least for now).

    HOWEVER, difficult child needs a toilet. And right now, difficult child needs heat.

    difficult child is not getting kicked out...but no working toilet and no heat.....I think this time she has a good reason to want to leave.

    I would have her sleep at my house, but she has two homeless people (a couple) at her place right now and she wont leave them there.

    Don't know what will happen when she moves. Sigh. Concerning to say the least.

    I am saddened, drained and concerned to hear of her moving yet again. She lost all her furniture recently when she moved while we were out of town. She is down to a mattress, her tv, computer, cats and personal items.

    Her choices are causing things to worsen for her. She doesn't see this. It is a horrible thing to witness.
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