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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dstc_99, Jun 24, 2013.

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    So as you all know I got triangulated into a family vacation with my mother, father, brother, brothers girlfriend, difficult child, and easy child. We just got home from it Saturday. All in all it wasn't too bad. We did wind up staying with them since my mother in law has sucked me dry in the last few weeks. I swear my bank account is dying slowly. LOL

    My parents pretended nothing had happened and that everyone was hunky dory just like I predicted. My Brother kept his head burried in the sand and his girlfriend doesn't know us too well so she didn't say anything. difficult child started in on the first day telling me what I could and couldn't do in regards to rehoming my dog. I immediately said "you lost your vote when you moved out." difficult child then proceeded to refuse to do anything with us for the rest of the week. husband thought my comment was uncalled for but only after I asked him later and not in front of the others. I probably shouldn't have said it but I think I have a form of PTSD from all her bossing me around and I tend to go with the gut punch when she pushes me. Really what right does she have to tell me what I can do with my dog considering she doesn't live us anymore?

    Anyway I thought it was somewhat funny that my father and mother are getting to see the nasty side of difficult child. She is starting to talk to them the way she talked to me forever. Plus blowing them off and acting like an pain when she "isn't in the mood" for other people. Honestly I hate to see them treated that way but I didn't stand up for them considering they chose to accomodate her bad behaviour.
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    Why do you feel bad that they are learning the truth? I wouldn't. I'd be

    I'm happy your vacation was tolerable. Now you can move on. And you had every right to make that comment about the dog. We tiptoe around people so much and try to please people who don't deserve the pains we take to make them feel warm and fuzzy...there is nobody on that vacation other than easy child and husband that you had any reason to try to please. Do they try to please you? Tiptoe around you so your feelings won't be hurt?
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    PTSD. I think we all have it to one degree or another. All i have to hear is an angry male voice and I run for cover no matter who the male is. You made's over.
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    I'm glad that you made it through the vacation! Honestly, I disagree with your husband. Your difficult child, who no longer lives in your home, has no right to tell you what to do about anything. She was trying to boss your around and you weren't having any of it.

    I would not feel bad that the grands are seeing the behaviors that you have been seeing all these years. When she first went to live with them did she behave like a model child? Well, if so, the honeymoon is over now, isn't it, and they get to understand what you have a been talking about.

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    I guess I just feel bad because I wouldn't want ANYONE spoken to that way. I would feel bad for a complete stranger if they were spoken to that way. I guess its more of a generic thing instead of a personal thing. Anyway I sure as heck didn't feel bad enough to put myself in the line of fire to protect them. They allowed this Monster to grow by accomodating it now they get the joy of dealing with it all by themselves.
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    Well, on a positive note, the vacation is over, your parents are seeing the truth of your difficult child and you are no longer the recipient of your difficult child's behaviors and moods, you are living a more peaceful life without her, you are about to move and start a whole new life, and you can do whatever you want with YOUR dog....................I'd say it's all turning out well for YOU.