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    Jessie is spending 26 to 30 HOURS at a time shaking uncontrollably. It is NOT a seizure. We have established that.

    We still have to get the MRI done. The way the doctor called it in was for sedation due to uncontrolled movements. He neglected to tell them that they are "involuntary" movements. I told the MRI scheduler that they happen when she is asleep. So they changed it from "with sedation" to "with anesthesia".

    This put us another 2 weeks back.

    I called the doctor because I FINALLY got the lab results and wanted to know what the next step is. I also wanted to see if having these sessions go for over 24 hours (even when she is so asleep that she is drooling) made anything clearer to him. It was one of the reasons that he TOLD ME to call about - having the shaking episodes last 24 hours or more.

    On the phone he said that he is not qualified to deal with thyroid problems - that Dr. Wilsey is more qualified. Then the FOOL actually said, "So what do you want me to do?"

    If I wasn't sitting down I would have fallen in shock. I have NEVER had a doctor speak to me this way!

    I told him that we had the MRI on Thurs and he TOLD me, very authoritatively, that it had already BEEN DONE and it was NORMAL.

    I TOLD him that NO. IT was NOT DONE. They had to change the scheduling because the movements did not go away in her sleep.

    He still tried to argue. Asked me why he had seen an MRI report with her name if it wasn't done? I told him that someone made a mistake because at NO time did my daughter have an MRI of her head and neck done, and we are scheduled to have it done on the 15th.

    In his arguments about not doing anything he said that he could try another round of a benzodiazepine or something, but if the lyrica didn't work nothing would. I told him with the way it was getting worse and longer that I wasn't sure if the lyrica was working at all.

    I then told him trying a benzo was fine. He said we had already done that. I firmly said that the ONLY things that hae been tried are the lyrica, the soma (a muscle relaxer) and 2 courses of lortab - 10 days for each course.

    He said he would not rx lortab because it was addictive. I said I didn't want it. I want the movements to stop. I said I was fine with a benzo and asked if klonopin was the best choice. He got upset and said that klonopin would just knock her out and it had lots of drooling that was just unpleasant.

    I said I just wanted to know why he suggested ativan instead of klonopin, not that I wanted to tell him what to prescribe. I just had not seen ativan mentioned by name and teh sources I was researching did mention klonopin.

    I asked him to PLEASE call in the ativan, and told him that I appreciated him returning my call.

    WHY do these docs not CARE that she is in a LOT of PAIN? that she cannot function on ANY level with this? It just seems to be "hey, get her out of my hair" from every doctor.

    I cannot even get the pediatrician to return a call about her. If I don't hear from her tomorrow am I will go there and wait until she is free. She HATES that.

    We may end up changing pediatricians over this. Not sure yet.

    I am jsut so angry that no one is trying to help, at the pass teh buck garbage.

    Thanks for letting me rant.
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    I'd be fuming too! How can he sit there and argue with you about a test that you KNOW she didn't have? Does he think someone abducted her for the test and then brought her back unbeknownst to you?! :holymoley:

    I hope you're able to kick someone's hiney in a huge and painful way so they get the message that she needs medical attention NOW.

    ((Hugs)) And vent all you want...
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    Is this a neurologist or a regular pediatrician? I think it's time for another doctor. So sorry she (and you) are going through this - - - poor baby.
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    Susie you just may have to don your warrior mom armor and go in there blazing.

    It is not your fault hospital/doctor messed up and a report was supposed to have been delivered with Jess's name on it for an MRI. Just like it wasn't our fault our hospital lab lost a very important blood test and doctor tried to accuse me of not having it done. grrrr (that didn't go over well either)

    I'm *itchy. When Travis had things like MRI's I hand walked the results/MRI pics right into the neuro because I didn't trust no one by that point. All you have to do is ask for them at the hospital. They are YOUR property and you have every right to them. They can't refuse you. I still have every one of Travis' on file in my house. I didn't return them. Neuro was actually glad about that. (when we finally found one with a real brain)

    There was a radiology mixup and it needs to be reported. Mix ups like that can kill people. sheesh!!!

    Man! I wish you weren't so far away. I'd like to go vent some of my frustration on your docs. :D

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    I'm steaming mad right along with you:grrr: I am amazed a doctor can be so uncaring and unprofessional-it isn't right at all:nono: I'm sorry Jesse continues to be in so much pain:not_fair: Hugs to you both.