Please keep Hailie in your thoughts


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Jamie and family are visiting my Dad and stepmom. He had to take some classes down in the Richmond area so it was a perfect excuse to let Great Grandpa spend some time getting to know his newest great grand daughter.

Jamie just called us in panic. Seems this morning Hailie started passing blood in her stools and spitting up some dark stuff that appears to be blood. Since Jamie was already in class, Billie, my Dad and Stepmom all ran the baby over to the local ER and they ran some tests and decided the baby should be admitted. My stepmom requested VCU/MCV because my stepsister is a bigwig there. In fact, my stepsister is the head nurse over all of pediatrics! Now she is in administration and doesnt do the actual care anymore but she can come in and keep and eye on things for us so we will all feel much better having family watch the baby.

But we are all very worried right now. I cant imagine what could be wrong with an almost 6 week old baby that could make it have blood in its stools and to be spitting up blood. She is breast feeding and doing rare supplemental bottle feedings if she is out.

Please keep little Hailie in your thoughts that there is nothing drastically wrong. Jamie couldnt take it...and lord I couldnt.


Janet, there is something called breast milk colitis. Essentially, the baby has an allergy to the milk proteins the mother ingests and then passes through her breast milk to the baby. When the mother eliminates dairy and sometimes soy from her own diet, the baby's condition generally improves. Let's hope that's all this is.

Sending many positive thoughts and prayers to baby Hailie.


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Adding my prayers and good thoughts to the others. I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.

Please keep us updated when you hear something.


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Everything is so scary with a newborn. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way - to you, the baby and all of your family.

Keep us posted.


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We called up there a little bit ago. They have her in the newborn part of the pediatric ward. They pumped her tummy and said the contents shouldnt look the way they did and that it could be what smallworld said but it could also be something else...just not sure yet. The blood in the stools is less worrisome than the blood in the tummy I think.

Thankfully my stepsister is THE BOSS so everyone is on their best behavior and she is getting top notch care. She was fast tracked from the time she hit the admitting desk and my stepsister met her as she hit the floor and took over. I know without a doubt she will get the best care and that she is in the best place she can be but it still is a worry. They say she will be there at least 3 or 4 days at least.

Poor kids. I can imagine they are freaking out but at least they have my dad and all. He is a rock during stuff like this.


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They have called us back and now say it could be viral. Time will tell now. Baby is on IV only for right now and mommys breast milk is being cultured as well as tummy contents.

We are on stand-by in case we have to take a quick trip up.


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Thank goodness your Stepsister is "Head Honcho" there!!! It is always nice to have some pull, especially with a newborn... Janet I really hope this can be explained easily and Hailie is back home and being an adorable thriving baby ASAP!!!
Rattling some beads for your family!