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Hi everyone,

Well my son had his first relapse since getting sober in July. I am disappointed but also know this is part of the process. He admitted it on FB which is how I know....and it sounds like he is getting back on track....which is good news. We are going out to visit in a couple of weeks ....I am looking forward to seeing him in person because I will get a better sense of how he is really doing.


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Sometimes they need a reminder of what they don't want to go back to. He admitted it - which is good and he is willing to get back on track - another positive. :)


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I'm sorry, TL. It is always a kick in the gut, isn't it? I'm glad that he admitted it and wants to get back on track. Could this be related to why he had to leave the other sober house?



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He is handling things, taking responsibility for himself!

This could be a part of the learning process.

I am so hopeful for him. Way to go!


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Kathy - my understanding is the relapse happened after he left the other sober house.... but who knows the attitude leading up to it may have been a part of it.

The truth I keep coming back to is I dont really know... all I know about anything is what he tells me and I cant necessarily trust him so I assume I am always only getting part of the story.

But I am still hopeful..... he did admit it and his attitude about it is different than the past and so hopefully he will just keep moving forward.