So my mothers house was flooded.

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So just got off from a back breaking day in removing all them mud in my mothers house and it was so much mud. My awesome mother got flooded and of course nature does not care how good you are you will still face its wrath. But I was not alone my siblings and their wives and their children where here helping her also which well made me proud being part of this family. My sons where also there
It does not matter how our personalities and actions clash when you need someone in dire times and he is there for you well everything else does not matter it really does not.
It was a well hard day but it was a great one.
Just writing here to show how I feel.


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Glad that she is okay and everyone pitched in! Where does she live?

We have our basement flood a few times in our first house and it is a NIGHTMARE! Luckily it was only the basement.

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It was a small flood we suffered trough floods that made this one a puddle compared to it in the past she had the kitchen and the basement flooded now but once she had her whole house up to the roof flooded. Well a former house that she sold but still. It was a long time ago but it was way worse then now. Imagine this took 3 days to clean and it was a small flood it took months in the past to do that.

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I am glad your sons were there to help. My husband's mother's house flooded one year, and it was the same. Everyone was there to help Grandma. It was still very sad, as so many of her possession were ruined by the water.