So the cops came this morning. Happy Sunday!


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I might actually try those support groups. I might just need to do it. Never thought I would have to go to these groups.
GM, I want to echo what RE said above. I know it seems overwhelming to have to start something else new when you are exhausted already and it's not YOU that is doing all of this crazy stuff.

Actually, the day you decide you need help is a very great day. Just like it will be for difficult child, when that day finally comes.

We all need help. This life is just too hard to deal with, without help, especially for many of us here on this board.

GM, if you will start the work on yourself, you will get so much more back than you put into it. It is amazing how it all returns to you, and even one day, you might look up and say: Oh, so THAT's why all of this happened, so I would grow in this way.

I have heard people in Al-Anon say that they are grateful for the alcoholic, because he/she pushed them into Alanon by their behavior.

That's how great it can be.

Warm hugs. I am so sorry for your pain.


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Has anyone seen Raoul lately? I think we need him

I hated calling the cops too. Maybe this will make you laugh over one of my cop calls to my house. Cory had done something...I cant even remember exactly what anymore...but I called the cops because I had just had it. I knew I had to make it sound a bit "better" than it really was or the cops would just blow me off. So I told them Cory had threatened me and we had guns in our house. Well all that was true but Cory hadnt threatened me with any gun. He was just being a PITA and not listening to me.

So anyway, this cop comes, Im pissed off and telling the cop he needs to take Cory in because he had warrants out. The cop wasnt the least bit interested in the warrants until I got my middle son who was a MP in the Marines on the phone to talk to him. He told him something and the next thing I know I had an entire SWAT team in my All these cops were surrounding my house out in the country, hiding behind trees and their cop cars. However they were letting me wander around in the yard. If Cory really had a gun and wanted to hurt me he could have easily just shot me. They couldnt have cared less. I will never forget this one very fat cop hiding behind this little pine tree that couldnt have been 5 inches around. He stuck out at least 10 inches on each side of that little tree....lmao.

We stood out in my yard for well over an hour and finally the cops got up the guts to enter my house. Cory was no where to be found. He had left by a back window when there was only the one cop in the front yard. The cops went in the house, found one of the guns in my bedroom and came out holding it like they had found a grenade thrower. I had to show them how to check that it was unloaded! Idiots.