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I'm going to be back in the Dallas area for a few days from Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon and wondered if there was one more get together in our future.
E mail and let me know if you are interested in a visit for coffee or something.


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I'm hoping for Friday afternoon/evening. I am having a moving sale so it would have to be after 4PM.


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I can't meet you in Texas but will be driving through Raleigh in December. Maybe we can meet for a quick coffee.




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Absolutely Kathy. By then I should be fairly moved in. Please let me know the dates and I'll make sure to be available.


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Friday evening will work out well.
helpmehelphim, absolutely we will get those in the Raleigh area together.


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Janet, we couldn't have a get together if you weren't there.

For some reason the song
"she'll be riding 6 white horses" came to mind.
I have 2 white horses but doubt they would let me
hook them to a chariot.


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I sure wish I could make it but I won't be able to...

Just began to realize that you have moved away. So, Raligh NC. I always thought you would end up in the Rocky Mts, didn't forsee this move at all. Curious, did difficult child move too or is he remaining here in Texas?

Hope yall have a great visit together. Sorry I can't make it.
PS...Fran, thank you for all you have done/given of yourself, for me and many others through the years.


Former desparate mom
Tammy, the mountains of New Mexico is for when there is no need to follow where the work is. This wasn't a move of whimsy or self satisfaction. It is what I signed on for when I got married. It's a bit like a military family. Home is where the family is and not where the house is.
I don't mind moving, other than the upheaval for a few months. It's like having a clean slate. The closets are clean and organized, you get to purge all your unnecessary stuff. You meet new folks and see new things all the while keeping your old friends.

Thank you for your kind words. I will still be an e mail away and will love to know how you and the kids are doing.

PS: difficult child arrived on Saturday. He will stay here until the application process for a community in New Jersey is complete. He is doing very well at the moment.


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Well I just had to see how many people were from Texas. You had 151 posts to this IF YOU ARE FROM TEXAS post. And I too am .....a nosey bear. Wish I could be there. Alas..my carpet only flys so far.

Enjoy your time with each other.