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  1. So, I just need some thoughts..
    My son went away for the weekend.. Not sure if he packed his naltrexone or not... I am feeling like he did not.
    All was fine, I received pics through out the day. Last one 4 hours before this text message...
    He texts me that he has potentially devastating news -was at the urgent care... is scared he is going to relapse and use...
    He said he did reach out to some of his sober friends for help but was really scared. I have no clue why he was at the urgent care... He never did tell me..
    Of course I was a complete mess being so far away. I kept sending text messages with 800 hot lines to call for help, etc. then I did get a text that he got to talk to his sponsor even though he was at a reception and that he is ok...
    Still have no clue what took place within the 4 hours between the text messages.
    Angers me that he lets me hanging like this.
    I am hoping he realizes how important it is to focus on his recovery instead of thinking about leasing or buying a car... I am hoping he realizes if he didn't take his medications that it is critical that he does.
    He was also approved to get the vivitrol shot but still has not...
    He is just walking a thin line between sobriety and relapse....
    I know he doesn't want to return to that life. I felt it in his text message.
    I also feel that he knew he was in trouble and reached out so that was a positive thing as well.
    Not sure what is up though with everything else.
    I have been praying so hard that God is there with him.
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    Yes, good news that he reached out to someone. Unfortunately it had to be you. Good news that he was focused on his health and sought treatment for something. Good news that he didn't bother you with it and looked for professional help. Good news that he was thinking about sobriety and not cars and such. Good news that he reached out to his sponsor. Bad news that he decided to worry you with all this.

    Prayer if it helps you is great. This is also a perfect example of something beyond your control. Your stress helps no one. Letting go is the only way to reduce your stress. Put it in God's hands and let go.